YouTube TV Could Lose ESPN, ABC, Other Disney-Owned Channels | Digital Trends

YouTube TV Could Lose ESPN, ABC, Other Disney-Owned Channels | Digital Trends

YouTube television and Roku might have simply concluded a new carriage offer, but a new storm is brewing for Googles live television streaming service. YouTube television today sent an email to customers cautioning that its offer for the Disney suite of channels expires on December 17, 2021, and “we have not yet had the ability to reach an equitable agreement.”
If no deal is reached, consumers stand to lose some 18 channels– including their regional ABC affiliates and ESPN, in addition other channels under the Disney umbrella.
Need to the Disney-owned channels vanish, YouTube television– which had more than 3 million subscribers at last count in October 2020– will reduce its regular monthly cost by $15, bringing the rate down to $50 prior to taxes.
Heres the full list of channels that could be affected:
The tone of the email from YouTube is less acrimonious than what we experienced in the Roku flap, which quite played out in public throughout 2021.
” Disney is an important partner for us,” the retail checks out. “We are in active discussions with them and are striving to keep their content on YouTube TELEVISION. Our ask of Disney, just like all of our partners, is to treat YouTube television like any other TV provider– by offering us the exact same rates that services of a comparable size pay, across Disneys channels for as long as we bring them.”.
” We welcome a restored contract provided we can reach fair terms with Disney. Nevertheless, if we are unable to reach an offer by Friday, the Disney-owned channels will no longer be offered on YouTube TV beginning December 17, and we will reduce our regular monthly rate by $ 15, from $ 64.99 to $ 49.99 (while Disney material stays off of our platform).”.
The email from YouTube television goes on to suggest that consumers might sign up for the Disney Bundle to regain some Disney material should no deal be reached. That package consists of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $14 a month and is being pushed greatly by Disney instead of private subscriptions.

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