You Should Grill a Cucumber

Picture: Claire LowerWe tend to consider cucumbers as crisp and cool, finest smashed and served in salads, or brined and pickled. There is appeal in a prepared cucumber, especially a grilled one. Cooked cumbers are aromatic and remarkably sweet, with a heady fragrance thats similar, however not similar to, a zucchinis. Thanks to their very high moisture material, they remain firm over high heat, offering you a spear with a crisp, juicy interior and deeply flavorful exterior. I like grilled cucumbers even more than I was prepared to, is what Im saying.And high heat is essential when barbecuing these children– you do not want to roast your cukes, you merely want to offer them a little outside color and char. The larger your sectors, the cooler and firmer they will remain on the within. Ive grilled cucumber halves and cucumber quarters, and both are excellent, though quartering will reveal extra surface area for browning (and browning equals taste). In regards to the skins, you can leave them on or peel them off. I like the tip of bitterness they add, and they blister in a wonderful manner.Other than that bit of knife (and/or peeler) work, grilled cukes need little preparation. Toss them with adequate oil to coat– something neutral is more suitable, however I utilized some inexpensive olive oil and they ended up excellent– and struck em with a couple of generous pinches of salt. Grill over high heat till they are browned, blistered, and slightly softened. Let them cool to space temperature, then drizzle or douse with a salty, acidic dressing or sauce, or slice em up and toss with a salad. I likewise believe they d make a killer tea sandwich. You know the kind– cream cheese and white bread might constantly gain from a little measurement, and grilled cucumbers have at least 5. G/O Media might get a commission

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