Why customer service ratings are getting worse : NPR

Why customer service ratings are getting worse : NPR

This you?

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This you?

A recent survey shows Americans are more unhappy with the customer service they’re getting than ever. The poor guy above has been on hold for 24 months (we assume — it’s a stock photo).

Who are they? The thousands of Americans voicing their discontent with customer service. You can find them on basically any Yelp page out there.

Turn that frown upside down.

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Turn that frown upside down.

What’s the big deal? Well, there’s a lot of unhappy people out there.

What are people saying?

Tenumah is the author of Waiting for Service: An Insider’s Account of Why Customer Service is Broken and Tips to Avoid Bad Service. He’s also the founder of a management consulting firm, and spoke with NPR about what everyone seems to be unhappy with.

On how tech’s role often frustrates more than it optimizes:

I’ll tell you, Americans are incredibly gracious when they start. If it’s on a scale of 1 to 10, most people start at nine or nine and a half.  

But then you start this interaction and you’re met with an automated system — press one, press two — or a machine you’re trying to communicate with. They can’t understand you, or you’re met with a chatbot on the website, and then you get past that and then you give them your information.  

And then you finally get to a human, and the human asks you to repeat your information. Now, your grace started at nine. At this point you were like a four, and then, God forbid, they transfer you.  

By the time you are transferred, after dealing with the machine, repeating your information, you are at zero and lots of people are in the negative. This is now where the abuse and the rage really intensifies on the part of the customer.

On how worker empowerment makes a better experience for everyone:

It’s still a human to human business. And so what I tell clients is first and foremost, your first customers are your service employees.  

Making sure they have the right tools, they are compensated appropriately, and your policies and procedures do not put them in the middle of you and the customer.  

So this is why I encourage these organizations to empower that professional. You’ve trained them. You’ve invested in them, so that when the customer makes a reasonable request, they can just fulfill it and they can be a hero. And the customer doesn’t have to ask for a manager and escalate in the calls and the emails get transferred in power.  

Want to hear more from Tenumah? Listen to the NPR interview by clicking or tapping the play button at the top.

So, what now?

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