Vice News Downplays Hamas Terror Tunnels, Contends Gaza Child Soldiers Receive ‘Fitness Training’ (VIDEO) | Jewish & Israel News

Vice News Downplays Hamas Terror Tunnels, Contends Gaza Child Soldiers Receive ‘Fitness Training’ (VIDEO) | Jewish & Israel News

Palestinian children obliged to take part in a Hamas military parade. Picture: Twitter.In a report on Mays Hamas-initiated war versus Israel, Vice News parroted terrorist propaganda, claiming that the IDFs defensive actions in some way breached international law.
In Vices video, reporter Isobel Yeung repeatedly charged Israel with targeting Gazans during a May 14 operation to damage Hamas network of terrorist attack tunnels.
Theres simply one problem: Theres not a shred of proof that Israel deliberately struck civilian infrastructure, even as Hamas developed military websites in inhabited locations.
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and Al Mezan– Gaza-based NGOs with a long history of demonizing Israel– individually concluded that the Israeli Air Force did not target the structure in concern.
This corroborates the IDFs account that it intended to hit a “horror tunnel, placed in close distance to the pointed out building.” However Vice still firmly insists that Israel is to blame for the deaths of four Gazans.
This slanted video is similar to The New York Times June 24 “examination” that tried– however failed– to connect an Israeli strike on an underground horror tunnel to the collapse of a neighboring building.
While Israel takes tremendous safety measures to prevent civilian casualties, Hamas devotes double war criminal offenses by firing rockets at Israeli population centers and using Gazans as pawns to fend off retaliation.
Regrettably, Hamas Palestinian victims get little compassion from Vice. Yeung presumes as to highlight Hamas training of child soldiers– while calling it “fitness” training, and failing to point out the practice breaches global law.
Vices editor ought to stop spreading Hamas disinformation and lies about Israel.
The author is a factor to HonestReporting, a Jerusalem-based media watchdog with a focus on antisemitism and anti-Israel bias– where a version of this post was very first published.

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