The Truth Behind These Viral TikTok Health Trends

The Truth Behind These Viral TikTok Health Trends

As a card-carrying member of Gen-Z (hey, I have my middle part to show it), scrolling through my TikTok “For you” page is an integral part of my everyday regimen. And for my wellness-obsessed self, my algorithmically curated feed is full of TikTok health trends. Some are mainstream, including the well-known “Hot woman walk,” delicious over night oat dishes, and pointers for prepping a salad in a mason jar. However others are even more doubtful– and even dangerous. Keep reading to discover the reality behind some of the most popular TikTok health patterns.
Why is everybody putting chlorophyll in their water?
The hottest TikTok health pattern of the summer? Chlorophyll drops. If you invested whenever scrolling through TikTok over the previous couple of months, you might have discovered users recording themselves drinking on some murky-green liquid– chlorophyll water. The green pigment found in plants (yes, from photosynthesis) is presented as a miracle drug of sorts on the social media app. Feeling tired? Chlorophyll can offer you an increase. Breaking out? Green pigment to the rescue– or perhaps not. Regrettably, these expected benefits arent grounded in science. While chlorophyll drops arent always hazardous to your health, there isnt much scientific evidence behind their alleged advantages. Unless youre actually looking to try a not-so-tasty green drink, we recommend avoiding this one.
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Can a charred orange bring back your taste?
TikTok to the rescue? While some users appeared to have actually had success with this viral solution, medical professionals state theres not a ton of clinical proof to support this pattern.
What about all the people who have declared charred orange as a success? In an interview for Today, Pamela Dalton, PhD, a researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, discussed that those who discover this solution works may not have actually completely lost their sense of odor in the very first location. Instead, they might have some residual sensory capabilities that are set off by something as strong as a charred orange. So does the Jamaican orange solution pass the TikTok sniff test? Results are combined– however for those who are longing for their sense of smell, theres no damage in trying.
Does shoving (yes, shoving) garlic up your nose aid with congestion?
Some users on TikTok are doing just that. The pattern is as follows: After you shove the garlic up your nostrils, youre supposed to wait 10– 30 minutes. After getting rid of the cloves from your nose, lots of mucous puts out of your nostrils, relatively clearing up your previously crowded nose.
Medical professionals state that this pattern can actually do the reverse of unclogging congestion. The garlic cloves can aggravate your nose and cause inflammation– putting your nose in a lot more pain. Why does so much mucus pour out (gross, I understand) after getting rid of the cloves? Doctors state this is because of having an obstruction in your nostrils for a prolonged time period, which causes mucous to collect. Youre much better off letting your congestion willpower by itself or leaving any suggested treatment to the experts.
Does a frozen cucumber actually help your skin?
Ill confess– I provided this viral TikTok health trend a try. After I saw an influencer rolling a frozen cucumber over her face, I immediately stuck among my cucumbers in my freezer– and faced some much-warranted judgement from my doubtful roomies. This pattern is stated to minimize the look of dark circles and assist hydrate your skin. Im not exactly sure just how much the frozen cucumber ended up doing for my skin, however I did like its cooling feeling– which felt relaxing on my really dehydrated skin. While aestheticians state this trend isnt hazardous (and you may even see some advantages), youre much better off purchasing a dedicated ice roller or face tool developed particularly for this function. (For openness: I did eventually end up acquiring an ice roller, which I do advise.).
Will dry scooping improve the impacts of your pre-workout powder?
This TikTok health pattern, which includes consuming a part of pre-workout power dry (versus diluting it in water), struck the “For You” pages of TikTok users previously this summertime. The objective of this pattern is to boost the impacts of the pre-workout powders active ingredients, such as vitamin B, amino acids, and creatine. Nevertheless, these powders likewise include a high quantity of caffeine. When this amount of caffeine is taken in quickly, medical professionals say it can have an extreme influence on your heart. One 20-year-old who attempted the pattern even wound up in the hospital after experiencing a cardiac arrest. Still desire your pre-workout? Thats fine– simply make certain to dilute it and consume it slowly.
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And for my wellness-obsessed self, my algorithmically curated feed is full of TikTok health patterns. Check out on to find out the fact behind some of the most popular TikTok health trends.
The hottest TikTok health trend of the summer? Ill confess it– I offered this viral TikTok health pattern a shot. This TikTok health pattern, which consists of eating a part of pre-workout power dry (versus diluting it in water), hit the “For You” pages of TikTok users previously this summer.

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