The newest wave of stylish restrooms inside Baton Rouge restaurants

The newest wave of stylish restrooms inside Baton Rouge restaurants

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” We desired to provide people this experience where you do not seem like youre in this little restaurant off of Perkins Road,” Pitre states. “We had our theme, centering around egrets and magnolias. When someone gets up from their table, you want to make sure that experience continues.”
For the toilets, Xdesign senior graphic designer Simone Broussard equated a few of the complex, ornate illustration work she d provided for the restaurant into a custom wallpaper. White magnolias and majestic egrets glide over a deep teal background.
” We were looking online for enjoyable wallpapers and didnt find anything that felt extremely SoLou, so that simply opened the opportunity to create a custom wallpaper,” Broussard states.
When Gov t Taco opened last fall, Kenneth Brown Design interior designer Jake Loup similarly sprinkled themed “moments” all over the interior.
The moody, sultry areas subtle nods to the restaurants government conspiracy-theme are finished the restrooms, with imagery of the moon landing and portraits of Marilyn Monroe and JFK carefully positioned on the walls.
At healthy food dining establishment Playa Bowls, the interior is painted with palm trees and pineapples.
Enter the washroom to discover the wavy arms of a huge painted octopus stretched across the wall. Even the floor is hand-painted to look like waves crashing onto a sandy shoreline.
And simply like at SoLou, restaurants feel worlds away from Arlington Creek Centers car-packed parking area exterior.
Playa Bowls

SoLous custom-wallpapered restroom. Picture by Haskell Whittington
” You need to see the bathroom.”
Its a refrain typically overheard inside brand-new dining establishments these days. As restaurateurs release style as a way to inform their stories, their messages are executed every aspect, from remarkable menu typography to bespoke restroom details.
Spots like The Gregory and Overpass Merchant, which both opened in 2016, are decked out with shimmering chandeliers and gilded mirrors. Later came the notoriously wallpapered rooms at Soji: Modern Asian and Hayride Scandal.
” Restaurants now are wanting to develop that big minute in multiple areas in a dining establishment. The restroom is among those locations where we can have a good time and present some color. Youll see individuals taking selfies therein, so why not give a backdrop for that?” says Tiffanie Pitre, art director at Xdesign, Inc
. Xdesign has done branding and style for restaurant clients around Baton Rouge, consisting of SoLou, which opened this spring.
SoLou, brief for “South Louisiana,” is a total event of the Capital Region, from the boudin- and seafood-studded menu products to the vintage maps of the Mississippi River above the table.
While Louisiana is the dining establishments DNA, the design group also wished to provide diners an immersive escape.

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” Restaurants now are looking to produce that big minute in several spaces in a restaurant. The bathroom is one of those places where we can have enjoyable and present some color. Xdesign has done branding and style for dining establishment clients around Baton Rouge, including SoLou, which opened this spring.
” We wanted to provide individuals this experience where you dont feel like youre in this little restaurant off of Perkins Road,” Pitre says. When somebody gets up from their table, you desire to make sure that experience continues.”

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