The NBA and iHeartMedia are planning to make a whole lot of podcasts together

The NBA and iHeartMedia, which owns iHeartRadio, will be introducing more than 20 brand-new co-produced podcasts as part of a multiyear collaboration, the 2 companies revealed. The first show is scheduled to debut in the fall.
” The new programs will be produced using a variety of material from the NBA archives to tell the backstories of some of the best moments in sports history, along with a mix of the current league news, player commentary, expert analysis, and much more,” according to a press release.
The lineup might include daily shows along with minimal series, and it may pull from the NBAs archives of material, according to Bloomberg. “Weve been trying to find the ideal partner to assist bring our archives to life,” David Denenberg, the NBAs SVP of local and national network collaborations, stated to Bloomberg. “We have heaps of audio footage thats never seen the light of day.”
More information will be exposed “at a later date,” the business said in journalism release.
The partnership between the 2 companies marks another push from a big sports company into sports podcasts. ESPN and Netflix partnered with Spotify last year on podcasts for The Last Dance, the docuseries about Michael Jordan. And its not simply conventional sports that are getting the podcast treatment– Spotify and Riot Games, developer of the hugely popular video game League of Legends, revealed a multiyear partnership in August.

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