The Herschel Walker campaign is imploding

The Herschel Walker campaign is imploding

Herschel Walker’s lies are like millions of tropical fish swimming around, nimbly trying to avoid all traps. The fish often do avoid such traps. Walker’s lies? Not so much. Herschel Walker is a liar. He lies “like he’s breathing. ” He lies to many people about many things.Don’t take it from me alone.

You see, the person who said that about Walker isn’t me — it’s one of Walker’s own advisors. According to campaign members and advisors, in internal messages, Walker’s campaign is in a state of complete chaos, with members of his own staff mistrustful and uneasy about the unpredictable candidate — and his many lies.

“Lies like he’s breathing.” This came from an advisor who told The Daily Beast that Walker has told so many lies at so many times that many “don’t know what’s true.” Not exactly a ringing campaign endorsement. It gets worse.

“Isn’t mentally fit.” These are the words some in Walker’s camp are reportedly saying. And according to this advisor, Walker even lied to his own staff about how many children he fathered. “It’s like a shitshow on a train in the middle of a wreck.”

Wow. One knows one’s in trouble when one’s own advisors don’t a believe a word one says. And it’s true. We’ve reported on many of Walker’s lies which are currently so high in number I personally have stopped counting. So does this mean Walker will drop out? Not at all, in my opinion.

When has Walker ever made a good decision? In fact, the GOP generally likes their candidates extreme — so this might be GOOD news in the GOP’s mind — who knows? They are not exactly known to care about lies.

After all, most Republicans have a history of rewarding liars. And I’d say go ahead and reward dear Herschel. Because at the rate he’s going, keeping him in the race bodes really, really well for the Democrats.


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