The 5 Components of Health Related Fitness Explained

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Today I wished to discuss the 5 Components of Health Related Fitness with you!
This is a common Physical Education Knowledge Standard in the majority of states and PE programs.
I like to cover these parts when Im reviewing Fitness Testing with my trainees. We review the Health Related Fitness Components Poster that you can see in the video listed below and try to set goals for where we want to be by the end of the year and make plans to work towards those goals throughout the year.
Lets have a look at the 5 Health Related Components of Fitness …
In case you do not have time for the video, lets break them down below …
Cardio Vascular Endurance
First Off Cardiovascular Endurance …
Cardiovascular Endurance is your heart and lungs ability to get oxygen from the air, put it into your blood to keep your body moving. Your Cardiovascular System is what helps you to do activities such as run, swim, jog, leap rope, and lots of other activities.
The primary test usage to measure Cardiovascular Endurance in PE Classes is the Mile Run or the Pacer Test.
For ideas on giving the PACER Test check out the video listed below:
Muscular Strength
Next up is Muscular Strength …
Muscular Strength is the ability of your muscles to perform ONE rep of an activity with the MAXIMUM force it can. A vertical jump test would be a measure of muscular strength.
In a vertical jump test, we would measure how high you can leap one time. This will inform us how strong your lower body muscles are and just how much strength they can carry out at their optimum force effort as you leap up into the air as high as you can.
Another example of a strength test would be carrying out an optimum lift on a squat or bench press for 1 repetition.
Muscular strength can often be puzzled with Muscular Endurance, however they are different …
Muscular Endurance
Muscular Endurance is your muscles ability to do a workout over and over once again consistently.
A typical method to measure muscular endurance is through a pushup or curl-up (or sit-up) test.
When we practice the curl-up or press up test, we evaluate those muscles ability to carry out over and over again.
How I like to keep in mind the distinction between Strength and Endurance
Muscular Strength = How Much
Muscular Endurance = How Many
Are Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance related?
Of course! If you have excellent Muscular Endurance, more than likely you will likewise have great Muscular Strength and vice versa considering that they are both measuring the capability of your muscles in various ways.
Tips for the Curl Up Test
Tips for the Push Up Test
Flexibility is your bodys capability to bend, stretch, and move and the variety of movements you have at your joints.
If you can stand up directly, then bend down and touch your toes, this will offer you an idea of how flexible you are in your legs and lower back.
Due to the fact that it assists to prevent injuries along with permitting you to move more skillfully and permits you to be more comfortable when performing any activities, versatility is essential.
Daily stretching is an excellent method to increase and keep versatility. You can likewise get involved in activities that will naturally assist you to increase your versatility, like Yoga, Dance or Gymnastics.
At my school, I determine flexibility utilizing the Sit and Reach Test, which measures versatility in your legs and lower back.
Body Composition
Finally is Body Composition.
Body Composition is describing what your body is comprised of. Especially, the amount of fat, muscle, and lean tissue in your body.
The most common method we determine Body Composition is with height and weight, even though thats not the most accurate method to measure.
Many schools dont have expensive equipment so they commonly use height and weight as a measurement for Body Composition because all you need is a scale and measuring tape.
Your body composition can be control by several elements, but the 3 primary aspects I constantly highlight for my students are getting great sleep, remaining active and eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.
The kind of food you eat, the amount of exercise and activity you get each day and just how much sleep you get can have a negative or extremely beneficial impact on your body composition.
Thats it!
That is the essentials of the 5 Components of Health Related Fitness.
If you d like to see How I do Fitness Testing at my School Click Here.
You may likewise discover our Fitness Resources on TPT handy also (also offered in our membership).
If you have any questions and have a terrific day, let us know!
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