Personal Fitness in Time of Covid: Where Do People Go When Gyms Are Closed - Enterprise Podcast Network - EPN

Personal Fitness in Time of Covid: Where Do People Go When Gyms Are Closed – Enterprise Podcast Network – EPN

The vaccines are out. Lockdown measures are lifted. You’d think it was only a matter of time before things are well and truly normal. However, with stubborn anti-vaxxers and new powerful strains – it looks like the pandemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The most recent development in the string of highly infectious strains is the Delta variant. The Delta variant is two times more infectious than the original virus and can be transmitted even among fully vaccinated individuals. Its presence absolutely wrecked the efforts to flatten the curve. 

If there is anything we can learn from previous pandemics, it is that Covid safety measures have to come back in full force for a longer period of time. 

So what does this mean for personal fitness? 

Going to the gym is a risk. Participating in sporting events is a risk. Running too close to a stranger is a risk. There are very few avenues for safe and productive exercise. 

Besides these logistical issues, the pandemic forced people into a more sedentary lifestyle. It’s one terrible loop. The pandemic creates unhealthy habits that compromise fitness. When fitness is down, the risk of inflection goes up. 

People need a solution that can withstand these challenges. 

The Old Way

When the gyms closed down people went back to the basics. Indoor solutions included cardio, yoga, and simple weight training exercises. While outdoor solutions were about walking/hiking/running trails. 

These activities aren’t too different from what you would do pre-pandemic. However, there’s a reason why they aren’t very popular. The success of these solutions hinges on personal equipment, knowledge, and motivation. Without a proper setup, it can be difficult to even muster up the energy to start.

The appeal of gyms is not solely the expensive equipment. It’s about the community. At a gym, you are surrounded by people who are making the commitment to get fit. You have direct access to trainers and teachers who can help improve your form or routine. This kind of support system is difficult to replicate on your own. 

If you regularly do yoga or brunch-press weights at your home gym – it isn’t hard to continue the practice. However, if you are looking to make a drastic lifestyle change, this isn’t it. 

The New Way

This is where remote fitness solutions like CoPilot come in. CoPilot is a service that connects you with the right trainers and nutritionists. With this online service, you can holistically achieve your health goals without making major investments in equipment you might not really use. 

Remote fitness platforms like this focus on personalized programs. Instead of using a generic routine from a Youtube influencer, you can use a highly specialized one that takes into account your equipment, fitness level, and long-term goals. 

And you aren’t going into these exercises cold. Your trainer will be with you every step of the way and remotely give their input and corrections. 

Community? Check.

Expertise? Check 

CoPilot basically takes the best, and arguably, the most important parts of the gym experience and makes it accessible all around. If you want a major lifestyle change or re-evaluate your current routine – remote fitness apps and services are the perfect solutions. 

So to answer the question, “where do people go when the gyms are closed?” They probably stay at home and exercise in their basements, living rooms, patios, or backyards. But if you think they are settling for something like 80’s VHS tapes you are dead wrong. There is a whole movement to make fitness more accessible online. You just need to know where to look.

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