Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends August 2021 Update

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends August 2021 Update

Aggregate regional search patterns offer us important insight into how customer habits is trending month over month– and now, year over year– due to a list of affecting and interruptive elements.
Each month, we take a look at regional consumer search behavior across the over 200,000 Google My Business (GMB) accounts we monitor for business clients throughout the U.S. Were taking a look at combined rates for overall searches, overall views, total clicks, and specific local conversion actions such as click to call, click to site, and click for driving instructions.
You can use these insights as standards for your own brand names GMB performance. They can also offer you more insight into how similar organizations regional marketing efforts are comparing to your own. Are the trends youre seeing internally indicative of obstacles your locations are experiencing? Exist industry-wide chances you could be using?
Lets have a look at the local consumer search habits trends August provided and see how local customer search behavior trended in 8 different verticals, as compared to July and likewise to August 2020.
Company Services
August brought an extension of the downward month-over-month pattern in GMB clicks of all kinds for business services– other than clicks for driving directions, which reversed just a little at +2.44%. The single-digit reduction in total clicks, clicks to call, and clicks to website are significantly less than the 27% to 37% drop we saw throughout those same metrics from June to July.
Local search activity increased significantly over August 2020, when much of the country was still heavily impacted by COVID-related shutdowns. This holds especially real for business service brands we keep track of, that include beauty salons, health clubs, and home services brand names which were all heavily affected by lockdown orders. In the listed below figures for August, we see:

Financial Services
The downward trend in GMB conversion actions continues for financial services brands. But, as we went over last month, this does not suggest theres lowered interest in regional banking, mortgage, and other financial services. Total searches and total views are up once again both YoY and MoM, structure on gains made last month.
These figures show the fact that in August 2020, it took a lot more info and preparation for regional consumers to take care of monetary company. They required to find drive-thru ATMs, book virtual consultations with mortgage and insurance coverage experts, call their bank branch to inspect on unique hours, and more.
What were seeing now is a healthy return to service as normal, as financial services customers continue to look for information but no longer require as much assistance converting.

+135% total searches in service services GMB insights
+123% higher total views in GMB for organization services brand names
+89.5% more clicks for instructions YoY

Sit-Down Restaurants
August figures for dine-in dining establishments follow nearly the exact same trajectory as July:

Look for COVID-19 were on the rise the previous 3 months according to Google Trends, which aligns with the month-over-month figures were seeing in GMB accounts in the health care sector:.
Last month, we saw a slight (2.72%) decrease in clicks to call, and otherwise, all GMB metrics trended up. We see the same again for August, with both year-over-year and month-over-month performance improved on every metric tracked.

The beleaguered hotel markets resurgence continues with triple-digit gains in search interest and views building on the 154% and 177% YoY increases we saw for those 2 metrics, respectively, in July.
All metrics were down slightly in August, a total reversal of the month-over-month gains made in July. Here, we rely on market insights firm STR for pre-pandemic figures, as an easy year-over-year comparison doesnt tell the whole story for hospitality. Search interest and all GMB conversion actions are much greater than in 2020, hotel tenancy was still down 11.3% in August 2021 as compared to the very same period in 2019..
Earnings readily available per room has fallen 8% in that time, no doubt due to increased cleaning steps and more time in between visitors. Even so, STR reports that the typical day-to-day rate is up 3.7% over 2019. Consumers are not traveling as they were then, but are prepared to spend more to do it.

Total views and total searches are up remarkably over August 2020.
Regional conversion actions such as clicks to call and clicks to website are down both MoM and YoY.
Clicks for directions are up 28.7% over August 2020.

Multi-Family Residential.
Total searches and overall views fell again in August, continuing from July. Year-over-year, both metrics are up considerably again this month, that makes sense provided the problem associated with moving and revealing apartments to a brand-new leasing during the height of the pandemic, in summer season 2020..
Lowered regional search interest in leasings on a month-over-month basis is practically certainly being affected by market conditions. The nationwide mean rent has increased by 11.4% so far in 2021, compared to simply 3.3% for the very first six months of 2017, 2018, and 2019, CNBC reports. Earnings are not keeping rate, and many individuals are feeling economically unsure..

Quick Service Restaurants
GMB trends for quick-service dining establishments remain in line with what were seeing in the sit-down dine-in establishments above. Search interest and views are down from July, but considerably greater than in August 2020..
According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, investing on food far from home was down 32% in 2020 as compared to 2019. This could be why total searches and views for all kinds of dining establishments have trended up so drastically in 2021.

Retail costs was down 24% in 2020 compared to 2019, which impacts the year-over-year trends were seeing in GMB data. U.S. Department of Labor data likewise tells us that spending on 9 of the 14 major components of household costs reduced from 2019 to 2020.
August brought with it gains across the board as far as local search was worried, with each and every single metric tracked trending upwards. That local search interest is translating to cash in the sales register, too– Bloomberg reports that U.S. retail sales grew 1.8% in August, the biggest increase in 5 months.
The power of local evaluations in structure local search presence and enhancing rankings for brand stores can not be ignored. See Leveraging Local Reviews For Retail Brands: Expert Insights and Best Practices to get more information about making your reviews strategy work for you.

The schedule of outdoor dining, companies resuming completely, and increasing vaccinations are most likely all contributing in helping the restaurant industry rebuild. Customers are browsing for dining choices and discovering sufficient info in GMB to feel comfy clicking for instructions and going straight to the place. Make excellent use of all available health and wellness, vaccination requirements, and dining establishment associates to offer those immediate answers to starving restaurants in your city.

Regional search activity increased considerably over August 2020, when much of the country was still greatly impacted by COVID-related shutdowns. As we talked about last month, this does not mean theres lowered interest in local banking, home mortgage, and other monetary services. Total views and overall searches are up once again both YoY and MoM, building on gains made last month.
Customers are browsing for dining alternatives and discovering enough info in GMB to feel comfy clicking for directions and going straight to the place. Reduced regional search interest in rentals on a month-over-month basis is practically certainly being affected by market conditions.

Customer Search Behavioral Trends: Key Takeaways.
Google My Business insights are excellent regional essential performance signs that need additional context to interpret. At the shop level, these metrics can assist you change consumer methods to match customer requirements, inform targeted content and listings optimizations, and more.
At the brand name level, GMB patterns can assist you identify top performers and areas of chance, how seasonality and other factors impact regional search efficiency, which services and products are most sought-after, and more. Examine out our GMB: Interpreting Metrics at Scale on-demand webinar (20 minutes) to find out more.
And with market criteria like these, you can inform your own strategy with the context that a higher-level, aggregate view offers.
See more regional search trends by vertical for previous months:.

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