Insurrection? Climate Activists Make Attempts to Breach Dept. of the Interior Building

So if we go by the establishment’s narrative of how certain acts are to be defined, then wouldn’t any group of people trying to storm their way into a federal government building be determined as an “insurrection?” Well, we have another example of that definition that, this time, none of them are childishly calling “worse than 9/11,” if they’re even talking about it at all.

Climate activists descended upon the Department of the Interior in Washington D.C. on Thursday, and on more than one occasion attempted to push through police trying to prevent their entrance into the building. The activists were “demanding [President Joe] Biden to stop approving fossil fuel projects & declare a national climate emergency,” according to Washington Post reporter Ellie Silverman.

Silverman reported in a series of tweets that there were a “few Indigenous women” who were “inside the building and linking arms.”

Here’s the scene outside. A Park Police car recently pulled up. Climate protesters are in DC all week demanding Biden to stop approving fossil fuel projects & declare a national climate emergency. Read how Indigenous people are leading this fight

— Ellie Silverman (@esilverman11)

But police then began to try and prevent the rest of the activists from pushing through and entering. One activist tried to climb through the doorway.

“Let’s go!” one protester yells while trying to climb in through the door. People cheer in support and crowd the steps as police continue to physically block the one entrance that is not locked.

— Ellie Silverman (@esilverman11)

Fortunately for that activist, the police didn’t shoot her like they did Ashli Babbitt for performing a similar act.

Silverman then sent out a subsequent tweet in which video shows her claims that activists were “pushing police, trying to force” their way into the building.

Climate protesters are pushing police, trying to force their way into the Department of the Interior where other activists have made it inside in an attempt to occupy the building.

— Ellie Silverman (@esilverman11)

In all seriousness, the police then reportedly had to use tasers in order to “clear the crowd around the doorway.”

“Put the tasers down!” protesters chant at police who are using tasers to clear the crowd around the doorway of the Department of the Interior. Some activists are walking away from the doorway hurt, and protesters are yelling for medics to help.

— Ellie Silverman (@esilverman11)

Even after all of that, the activists attempted to give it another shot of insurrection juice and try to enter the building “before the police are able to close the doors,” according to Silverman.

“Go inside! Go inside!” The climate protesters make another push to break through the police barrier and join other activists inside the Department of the Interior, before the police are able to close the doors.

— Ellie Silverman (@esilverman11)

It looks like these activists couldn’t have frowned upon the January 6th “insurrection” all that much considering they attempted to do the same thing themselves.

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