Insights from our 2021 T&E Trends Report

Insights from our 2021 T&E Trends Report

We asked a mix of small, medium, and big companies a few concerns about their spending practices and plans in reaction to the pandemic. What we discovered may be counter-intuitive.

Whats the old expression, when hardship can be found in at the door, love flies out the window? We d have anticipated her to take flight at the first indication of the pandemic, which impacted a lot of companies. No doubt, many have suffered while others shuttered. Love, though, seems to be sticking around– according to a current picture of over 500 companies we took in February 2021.

Provider commitment sustains

Just 20% of those surveyed prepared to put their organization out to tender. Many (49%) prepared to stay devoted but would evaluate supplier payment terms to ease cash circulation.

Decreased anticipation of deceptive expenditures

Other operating cost line products that are anticipated to increase include benefits, incomes and wages (48% of respondents), travel (37%), and advertising and promo (34%). With 9%, rent was viewed to be the expense least most likely to.

What about workers? Maybe they might submit more deceitful expenditure claims throughout these difficult times? No, just 16% of the business expected an uptick in expenditure fraud. In truth, 21% felt it was most likely to decrease as an outcome of the pandemic. Possibly they felt personnel would be more cautious about such policy violations and less likely to game the system to keep their position.

Suspected upticks

What is likely to increase? The expense of regulative compliance, which 40% felt would go up as a direct outcome of the pandemic. Similarly, expenses associated with worker responsibility of care when they travel were marked by 42% as most likely to see an uptick. This is reasonable as companies take safety measures such as increased testing, social distancing, and protective equipment.

Procurements role in ESG

Over one-third (38%) of this group had targeted buying as part of their ESG program, with a more 13% mentioning that procurement was built into their policies at terrific length. Just 6% of this group omitted procurement from ESG.

Though 500 business represent just a portion of the millions in America, its clear from this sample that companies are remaining loyal to their providers, trusting their staff, and continuing to pay it forward with their ESG policies.

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The most popular technique adopted by 14% of business with ESG programs is to build them into policies with business spending cards. 13% rely on reporting about their spend broken down by business unit. 10% have approved supplier relationships that support their objectives.

Obstacles have come through the door– however like, at least in the meantime, seems to be remaining.

Numerous (49%) prepared to remain devoted however would review supplier payment terms to relieve money flow. No, just 16% of the companies anticipated an uptick in expenditure scams. Other operating cost line items that are anticipated to increase consist of wages, benefits and wages (48% of participants), travel (37%), and advertising and promotion (34%). Over one-third (38%) of this group had targeted buying as part of their ESG program, with a more 13% specifying that procurement was developed into their policies at fantastic length. The most popular technique embraced by 14% of companies with ESG programs is to construct them into policies with corporate costs cards.

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