India Reports Lowest Daily Covid-19 Cases In 543 Days Despite Busy Festival Season

India Reports Lowest Daily Covid-19 Cases In 543 Days Despite Busy Festival Season

India on Tuesday reported its smallest rise in daily Covid-19 cases in nearly 18 months despite being in the middle of a busy festival season, a development that comes months after India’s devastating second pandemic wave and that mirrors the situation in several other Asian nations that witnessed surges in the summer.

A health official wearing a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suit collects a swab sample from a … [+] man to test for the COVID-19 coronavirus in New Delhi.

Key Facts

On Tuesday, India reported 7,579 new Covid-19 cases, which according to the Indian health ministry, is the country’s lowest daily count in 543 days.

The continued drop in Covid-19 cases comes just weeks after India celebrated several major Hindu festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja, events that were expected to be followed by a spike in cases.

So far India has administered over 1.1 billion vaccine doses, with over 80% of India’s adult population receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, which experts believe is one of the reasons behind the drop in cases.

Besides vaccinations, government surveys have indicated that nearly 70% of India’s population may have gained some level of immunity from being infected by the coronavirus during the country’s devastating second wave earlier this year.

India’s sharp drop in Covid-19 cases, following a record summer spike, is a trend being witnessed in other Asia nations that were hit by major pandemic waves, including Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and several others.

Big Number

43%. That’s the percentage of adults in India who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The low uptake of the second vaccine dose remains a concern for health authorities in the country as it could lead to a quick decline in immunity against the virus. India has also not started vaccinating people under the age of 18, which leaves school goers vulnerable to Covid-19.

Key Background

The sharp drop of Covid-19 cases across parts of Asia comes at a time when Europe is seeing a spike in new cases after a summer lull. Several European countries have begun instituting lockdown rules once again as the World Health Organization says it is “very worried” about the situation. As of Monday, case counts in Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Czechia, Germany and the Netherlands are all at, or have hit, new highs and cases are rapidly rising in other countries. The situation in Europe could serve as a warning to countries like India, Indonesian, Bangladesh and other Asian nations where double vaccination rates continue to remain low.

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