How to Use GoodRx | Save Money on Medications

How to Use GoodRx | Save Money on Medications

In this video, Cullen talks about what the free program GoodRx is and how you can use it to save money on drugs. He will walk you through the different ways you can use GoodRx. He will also cover the relationship between Medicare and GoodRx.

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Common GoodRx Questions
0:48 – What is GoodRx?
1:10 – How GoodRx can save you money
2:05 – Using GoodRx with Medicare
3:16 – How to use GoodRx
4:57 – Using GoodRx when Part D won’t cover a Medication
5:47 – Get help with Medicare part D in AEP

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