Health Data Breach Trends: A Mid-Year Report - HealthcareInfoSecurity

Health Data Breach Trends: A Mid-Year Report – HealthcareInfoSecurity

As of Monday, some 383 health data breaches affecting more than 27 million individuals had actually been included this year to the HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool website listing health information breaches affecting 500 or more individuals.Since the last Information Security Media Group picture of the HHS breach site on May 27, about 131 breaches affecting almost 10 million people have actually been contributed to the federal tally.
Of the breaches included to the tally in 2021, the vast bulk – 283 breaches affecting 26.1 million individuals – were reported as involving hacking/IT incidents.
Largest Breaches Added to Tally in 2021, So Far

Breached Entity
People Affected

Florida Healthy Kids Corp.
3.5 million

20/20 Eye Care Network
3.3 million

Among the most troubling breaches published to the tally in current weeks is a hacking incident reported to HHS in late May by Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services affecting more than 207,000 people, notes Jim Van Dyke, who tracks information breach patterns as a senior vice president at security firm Sontiq.
That breach – which involved a ransomware incident – “not just exposed an extremely unusual 12 identity credentials, it likewise yielded qualifications that are the most useful in the commission of a number of identity criminal offenses – such as fraudulent brand-new credit/loan accounts, existing monetary account fraud, medical identity theft and averting the law,” he notes.
Among the information compromised because event were Social Security numbers, passport numbers, drivers license numbers, savings account numbers, doctor account numbers and case histories, he keeps in mind.

Hendrick Health

American Anesthesiology
1.3 million

The Kroger Co.
1.5 million

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Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions
1.2 million

” Risk mitigation is made a lot more hard for this high-risk breach due to the fact that it need to attend to a much greater amount of possible criminal offenses – and with crooks remaining in the greatest possible position to impersonate the identity-holder for each one,” Van Dyke states.
Other Breaches
After hacking/IT occurrences, the second most typical kind of breach contributed to the tally in 2021 so far is “unauthorized access/disclosure” occurrences. There have been 80 such breaches impacting almost 756,000 people included to the tally.
And just 7 breaches affecting about an overall of 27,000 individual included lost/stolen unencrypted computing gadgets have been published to the tally. Several years ago, those sorts of events represented most of health data breaches.
Because its inception in September 2009, some 4,110 health data breaches affecting more than 300 million individuals have actually been posted to the federal tally.
To help prevent coming down with hacking events, organizations require to be proactive, Lucci says.
” We see tips of hacking and ransomware so often, it can not be the lack of awareness,” she says. “So the most likely culprit is that individuals are clicking on links that they believe are OK. One of the very best methods to keep staff members from becoming numb to standard pointers is to consist of present examples of information breaches and include the information.
” If you can demonstrate, by example, how smart and creative the cybercriminals are in convincing you to click, the most likely the lesson will be remembered.”
Healthcare companies that contract out functions to suppliers must prevent “chilling out their controls on treatments in areas that could enable the bad operators to get in,” Van Dyke notes.
” Hackers are clearly recognizing that the most effective method to penetrate an entity is through the seams between them and the 3rd parties they work with,” he states. “Healthcare entities are now struggling to handle 3rd parties, while not hamstringing them in such a way that the original one-upmanship – in service provisioning – is lost.”

Leading Edge Dermatology, S.C.
2.4 million

1.7 million

Latest Additions
2 ransomware events contributed to the tally in the last month rank amongst the most significant breaches published to the HHS website this year.
Forefront Dermatology S.C. on July 8 reported a ransomware attack impacting more than 2.4 million people. And medical management services vendor Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions on July 1 reported an occurrence affecting 1.2 million people.
The Practicefirst event is among some 165 breaches – impacting a total of about 19.4 million individuals – added to the tally so far in 2021 that included company associates.
Vendor Risk
Some experts advise covered entities to intensify their security danger examination of vendors, given the regularly of current events involving organization partners.
” When a health care company experiences a data breach, they are most likely to examine and carry out a post-mortem what took place and examine and implement lessons found out in terms of policy modifications, additional education or other actions to minimize the likelihood of recurrence,” states Susan Lucci, senior personal privacy and security consultant of tw-Security.
” This is even more important when an organization partner experiences an information breach, however this hardly ever occurs,” she keeps in mind. “This is the very finest time to inquire about the details of the occurrence with the personal privacy officer of the service associate – or the person in charge of performing the incident reaction.”
After a breach, health care companies ought to ask business partners how the event took place, what lessons theyve discovered and how security improvements will be executed, she encourages.
” This is also the perfect time to look across your organization partner log and ask a few of these comparable questions of key service partners – the ones who have the most access to PHI.”

Health Net Community Solutions

Worrisome Incident

Personal Touch Holding

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