Half of employers could have vaccine mandates in the workplace by end of 2021, study finds

Half of employers could have vaccine mandates in the workplace by end of 2021, study finds

Half of employers could have vaccine mandates in the workplace by end of 2021, study finds

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The number of U.S. employers requiring workers to get vaccinated is expected to surge over the next few months, according to a new survey.

The poll found that 52% of employers could have at least one vaccine mandate in place by the last quarter of the year, according to Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory, broking and solutions company, which surveyed 961 companies that employ a total of 9.7 million workers.

Currently, 59% of the businesses already track their employees’ vaccination status while another 19% are planning or considering doing the same later this year. Most (62%) of the companies that currently monitor worker’s vaccination status require proof they’ve received the shots, while 36% allow them to self-report.

Vaccination requirements

Among those surveyed, 21% are planning or considering vaccination as a condition of employment for all employees. Companies currently requiring proof of vaccination include Microsoft, Netflix, Tyson Foods and The Washington Post, according to NBC News. Many of those companies have also pushed back their start dates to give employees adequate time to get fully vaccinated.

Twenty-nine percent of employers are planning or considering making vaccination a requirement to gain access to the physical workplace. Companies like Twitter, Uber, Goldman Sachs and DoorDash are among the companies who’ve adopted such a rule, according to NBC News.

Vaccination incentives

Nearly 2 in 10 organizations (17%) offer financial incentives for getting vaccinated, with another 14% planning or considering doing so. Cash payments from $100 to $199 are the most common perk.

And while only 2% of employers currently offer a discount to vaccinated employees or impose a premium surcharge on unvaccinated employees, another 18% are considering one or both approaches.

Mask mandates and contact tracing

Eight in 10 respondents (80%) require employees to wear masks indoors at any location. Another 13% are planning or considering doing so.

And 3 in 4 employers (75%) use workplace exposure tracing to alert employees to a potential exposure. Another 8% are planning or considering doing the same.

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