Garmin Venu 2 vs Garmin Venu 2S: Which fitness tracker is better?

Garmin Venu 2 vs Garmin Venu 2S: Which fitness tracker is better?

Despite their distinction in size, the Venu 2 and Venu 2S in fact boast the very same list of features.

Since the Venu 2 and 2S have the same going rate, there isnt a monetary element to consider when choosing which one to go for– everything boils down to whether or not you prefer the basic style or would rather have a smaller sized, more compact wearable that fits well on smaller sized wrists.

In what is still a big selling point for the Venu variety, you can listen to Spotify offline on either of the new devices, suggesting that you can leave your phone at house when you pop out for a run or down to the gym.

While the Venu 2 and Venu 2S are mostly the same device, there are a few differences between them that could be enough to sway your choice over which one to get. To help you make the choice thats right for you, these are the key things to know when weighing up the Venu 2 against the Venu 2S.

The drop in size permits the Venu 2S to be a better choice for people with smaller sized wrists, but its condensed stature likewise results in a smaller sized screen.

In case you have not currently found, the biggest selling point of the Garmin Venu TWO is its mini size. At just 38.2 g and 18mm watch strap assistance, the Venu 2S is quite a bit smaller sized than the Venu 2 which sits at 49g and uses 22mm straps.

The Garmin Venu 2 is able to go just that bit additional however, extending approximately 11 days on a single charge. Its not a huge difference, however if you routinely train for marathons then any sort of battery disparity will be a huge point of contention.

At 1.10-inches, the display screen on the Venu 2S is smaller than what you d normally discover on a smartwatch, however it isnt too small to the point where youll be squinting. Still, if you d rather have a larger display for seeing details on the go then the 1.30-inch screen of the Venu 2 need to work.

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Garmin made a huge mark in the physical fitness tracking industry with the original Venu wearable– mixing the companys notable method to physical fitness with the contemporary form aspect of a common smartwatch.

Both wearables can be utilized to track your heart rate, sleep quality, blood oxygen levels and even your breathing rate. All this details is fed through the Garmin Connect app, making it simple to remain on top of your fitness objectives.

The Garmin Venu 2 and Garmin Venu 2S are 2 of the very best physical fitness trackers you can purchase right now, however how do they stack up versus each other? Lets learn.

Although the Venu TWO does lose a day in battery life when compared to its bigger brother or sister, Garmin has actually made the fascinating choice to keep these wearables at the specific same price. The Garmin Venu 2 and Garmin Venu TWO are both cost ₤ 349.99.

We anticipated huge things from the Venus ultimate follower, however what we didnt anticipate was for that follow-up to come in two-parts.

While the Venu TWO makes no concessions in its onboard features, the devices smaller sized size sadly has an influence on its maximum battery life. The gadget has an estimated battery life of as much as 10 days, which is still excellent when you compare it to the similarity the Apple Watch 6.

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