Foods for healthy, pinkish & shiny nails

Foods for healthy, pinkish & shiny nails

Most women try to stay perfect when it comes to beauty. From crown to toe, they simply don’t want to let go! From perfect hair to their daily wear, everything speaks of their personality. Nails are quite important too, and most of us spare some time to keep them prim-and-proper.

In this article, we will discuss some of the easiest and best home remedies, which can make your nails look pinker and shinier. Go through these quick and easy nail hacks and make them look prettier.

Home Remedies to make nails pink & shine

Olive Oil

Tips to make nails white

Take lukewarm to bearable warm water in a bowl. Add a few drops of olive oil and then soak your nails. After sometime, massage the cuticles and nails with olive oil. Warm it a little before that. If you follow this remedy everyday, you will restore shine within a week.

Alternatively, you can gently warm some olive oil in a bowl before soaking your nails for 5 minutes. Remove your hands once the oil has cooled and wear cotton gloves overnight without rinsing your hands first. The following day wash thoroughly before applying your usual hand or nail cream.


Vitamin B is an essential nutrient to keep hair, skin and nails in top condition. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that is packed with essential fats and keratin which boots the structure of the nails.

By either taking a Biotin or Vitamin B supplement or consuming foods rich in B vitamins you can be well on your way to healthier and more shiny nails.

Foods known to be packed with Biotin include peanuts, legumes, sweet potato, cauliflower, almonds, sardines, walnuts, mushrooms, carrots, bananas, onions, salmon, tomatoes and eggs.

Baby Oil

your nails dry up when exposed to water quite often. For example, if you do the dishes or wash clothes, your nails are surely going to dry up. For locking the natural moisture of nails you can use baby oil. Massage nails with premium quality baby oil for preventing it to dry up or to get brittles.

Fish Oil

consuming fish oil is healthy for improving your nails. They are best for the cold seasons, so you know that it is almost time! Fish oils include omega-3 fatty acid which makes the nails stronger and adds moisture to them. The oil also has vitamin S which adds nourishment and prevents from any kind of damage.

Coconut Oil for shiny nails

this oil is a wonder oil which has plenty many uses. Apart from all its other benefits, this oil also makes your nails pinker and shinier. It is also know to prevent them from fungal infection.

Massage your cuticles with this ‘easy to obtain’ oil and then massage gently. Let it dry on its own and repeat regularly. Twice a day is recommended for speedy improvement.

Rose Water for pink rose nails

rose water comes with several beauty benefits, and this too is one of them. Applying rose water on your nails regular with make your nails pinker. They are also known to wash away spots if any.

You can add a few drops of lemon juice with rose water, which turns out to be a little more effective. Repeat the remedy thrice a week and make your nails clean, healthy and shiny.

Petroleum Jelly

How to get beautiful nails

this is quick hack which can make your nails shiny in no time! Buy good quality petroleum jelly to obtain this shiny look. Repeat the process regularly after bath and before going to bed. A coat of this jelly will prevent the nails from losing moisture and make it look bright naturally.

Lemon Juice

This works like a bleaching agent for your nail and make them look lovely! These will not only add shine but also remove any kind of stains from them. If you want to have bright nails with lemon juice, you simply need to soak you hand in them for some time.

You can add vinegar or warm water, because you’d need a good quantity of liquid, and lemon juice might not be enough. Rub a brush on the nails while you soak them in a mix. After a while you ought to wash your hands with warm water and make your nails look wonderful, within 1 week of regular usage.


This is another natural element for making your nails look pretty! Slice small circular patterns with a knife like you are preparing a salad. Rub the pieces on your nails and let it them absorb the juice. You will see a major change within a couple of weeks.

Butter for smooth nails

while women mostly like to stay away from butter for weight loss, you might make a smooth balance by letting it get used for your cuticles! Butter includes a rich amount of vitamin A, B, E, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium and iron.

These chemical compounds make your nails glow while butter keeps them soft too. Massage a nails for a few minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat the remedy daily till it gets you visible results!

Water for shining nails

Did you know that you are to wash your hands after cutting your nails, not only due to cleanliness, but also to keep them soft? Yes, water keeps your nails soft, and you don’t have a problem for the next uses of a nail-cutter.

Water is also know to make your nails shinier. First of all, heavy consumption of water lets you have you shine back, while washing your nails regularly keeps them clean and washes off layer of dullness.

Yogurt to shine nails

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After reading so many suggestions of massaging nails, this is one epic ingredient, which works well without frequent use. Yogurt contains iron, calcium, zinc along with vitamins like A, C, D and E. All of these keep your nails shiny and healthy! Don’t forget to have yogurt every regularly as well!

Evening primrose oil

Adding primrose oil capsule to your morning and evening diet would make you nails stronger and brighter. They include gamma-linoleic acid, linoleic acid, etc. which adds to the aids.

Vitamin E for pinkish nails

This betters the circulation of blood to our nail beds which is why it enhances nail health. Consuming food which includes vitamin E like nuts, corn, eggs, cucumber, tofu, spinach, avocados, broccoli, etc. will improve nail health and prevent them from breaking.

Toothpaste Scrub to make nails pink

Best tips for long nails

Just as our body needs exfoliation our nails too need the same! It restores natural glow and makes them shine. Use your overused toothbrush or a newly bought one for this purpose. Brush your nails and applying whitening toothpaste along with it. This removes dirt and refreshes the cuticles as well.

Milk for strong & healthy natural nails

It is another ingredient which helps you cleanse your nails and lasts the shine for long. The nail absorbs the milk and keeps them nourished. Take adequate amount of milk and warm it.

Put your nails and let them get nourished. Cleanse it with water and then apply a moisturizer. This will prevent nail weakening and breakage. Repeat regularly for speedy and significant results.

Borage Seed Oil

borage oil is extracted from borage seeds. They are rich in linolenic acid (GLA), salicylic acid, mucilage, omega – 3, potassium nitrate, resin, calcium and magnesium.

All these made it quite a good treatment for numerous health related problems. Along with measures issues like high blood pressure, dermatitis, etc. you can also heal your nail condition.

You are recommended to use around 600 mg of GLA everyday and 1300 mg of borage oil gives you 300 mg of GLA. They are sold in gel like formula or capsules. Choose any of your preference but after a doctor’s consultation.

Black Currant Seed Oil

just like borage and evening primrose oil, even currant seed oil is used for treating brittle nails. They give you back the lost shine and keep them healthy for long. This also includes vitamin C and flavonoids for improving your nails and making it shiny.

You can buy the supplements and have them twice a day. Continue it for 2 months and if you will see an improvement in your nails. Consult a GP for knowing the exact GLA content that you should consume.

Food rich in protein for healthy nail growth

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diet is important for everybody. We have to think to keep every part of our body in mind, while planning to maintain a healthy diet. If you add more proteins to your diet it will add shine and strength for you. Our nails are made up of structural proteins called keratin.

This is like the building blocks which keep our nail shiny and strong. Add more food like eggs, dairy, fish, chicken, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, spinach, etc. in your diet for making your nails and your body healthier.

Apple Cider Vinegar for strong nails

It is known break down food which is why it can absorb nutrients. Use raw and organic vinegar for this process. Add 1 glass of water to 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Stir well and drink the solution.

Never drink apple cider vinegar raw. If you have a burning sensation after consuming the diluted drink, you can add 1 teaspoon of baking powder which balances out the condition.


Avocados include fat, protein and nutrients which strengthen nails and make them shiny. If you consume one avocado everyday it will deliver phytonutrients, minerals, along with vitamins to your body.

You can also apply avocado oil to the nails to make them look shiny and to keep them hydrated. The oil has antioxidant properties, vitamins A, B, B1, B2, D, and E, potassium and beta-carotene which makes the nail healthier and shiny.

Take an avocado and mash it. Add some rosewater to make proper paste and then apply on the nails. Massage it softly and let it dry for 20 minutes. Rinse it with water and repeat daily till you get desired results.

Food rich in Hydrochloric acid

Food which include hydrochloric acid help you digest better. They absorb the nutrients well and keep you healthy. If your body lacks acid content, it makes your skin, hair and nail look dull. Thus, consuming food with this ingredient will solve most screen related conditions.

Some ingredients with such content include apple cider vinegar, celery, black olives, lemon juice, spinach, etc. Only while opting for apple cider vinegar, make sure you dilute it with lemon juice for avoiding burning sensation.

Additional Tips:

How to prevent nail polish from chipping

  • When using nail varnish make sure that you try to avoid products packed with chemicals as these can cause dullness of the nails.
  • Avoid picking at chipped nail polish – you should always remove any varnish gently using a proprietary cleaner.
  • Manicure your nails regularly and buff them gently to remove any dead cells.
  • When filing your nails ensure that you do so in one direction and not back and forth as this friction can cause weakness.
  • Do not bite your nails or use them to open anything such as cans as this can result in irreparable damage.
  • When cleaning or washing the dishes always wear rubber gloves to keep your dainty mitts away from any unnecessary chemicals. Dish soap in particular is detrimental to healthy nails.

Whilst adding moisture is important, try not to over-moisturize as this can stop the skin generating its own natural lubricants and could result in drying your nails out. Use any remedies in moderation.


• How can I get healthier, pinkish, and shiny nails?

By eating a balanced diet and taking regular care of your nails, such as filing, moisturizing, and using cuticle oil.

• What foods should I be eating to get healthy, pinkish, and shiny nails?

Eating foods that are rich in iron, biotin, and protein such as lean meats, beans, nuts, and leafy greens can help to promote healthy, pinkish, and shiny nails.

• Are there any supplements that can help me with my nails?

Yes, biotin is a popular supplement that is known to help promote strong and healthy nails.

• Are there any nail care products that can help?

Yes, there are a variety of nail care products available to help maintain healthy nails.

• Are there any home remedies I can use to get healthier nails?

Yes, you can try soaking your nails in a mixture of warm water and lemon juice or using a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice as a cuticle cream.

• How often should I be using nail care products?

It depends on your individual needs, but generally, you should use nail care products at least once a week.

• Is there anything I should avoid eating to keep my nails healthy?

Avoiding processed and sugary foods can help keep your nails healthy.

• What vitamins and minerals are important for healthy nails?

Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, and Calcium are important for healthy nails.

• How often should I be trimming my nails?

It depends on how quickly your nails grow, but generally speaking, it is recommended that you trim your nails every 1-2 weeks.

• Are there any lifestyle changes I should make for healthier nails?

Yes, eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and regularly moisturizing your hands and nails are all important steps to take for healthier nails.

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