Fitness Confidential

Fitness Confidential

My buddy Vinnie Tortorich — ultra-cyclist, celebrity trainer, fellow podcast host and now author — joins the show for a record 3rd appearance to talk about the release of his new book Fitness Confidential*. Part memoir, part fitness primer and part comedy, this book is your beach read for July. Vinnie and I don’t always see eye to eye on everything – particularly nutrition. And he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But he’s still my man — we’ve gone through a lot together and he has always been there for me.

I love that Vinnie calls it like he sees it, doesn’t pull punches and isn’t afraid to call BS — particularly when it comes to the latest health and/or nutrition fad. If that appeals to you, then you’ll love the book. It’s pure Vinnie, through and through

Writing a book is damn hard. But what’s even harder is getting people to read it after you spent years of blood, sweat, tears and toil to get it right. I’ve been there. So the least I can do for my good friend is give him my microphone, let him tell you about the process first hand, and help him spread the word.

I hope you enjoy the show!

UPDATE! We are now up and running on Soundcloud. What’s Soundcloud? Another platform to listen and share the podcast. What’s awesome is that it allows you to share the audio file across your social networks like Facebook and Pinterest and you can even embed this groovy player onto your website or blog. You can even add comments along the timeline that specifically relate to a certain portion of the show, which is really fun. Great way to share the content with your friends and colleagues and help spread the word. So if you enjoyed the show, tell a friend, share away and let’s build this PlantPower Mission together!


* Fitness Confidential on Amazon – Paperback*

* Fitness Confidential on Amazon – Kindle*

* Vinnie Tortorich Website

* Nutrition Spreecast with Rich Roll, Vinnie Tortorich & Ben Greenfield

* SaltStick Electrolyte Capsules

* America’s Angriest Trainer Podcast

* Vinnie on Twitter: @vinnietortorich

* Vinnie on Facebook


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