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Far Cry 6 Amigos Companions Guide | Digital Trends

The more recent Far Cry titles have all straddled a line between dark and mostly serious primary stories with wild and excessive gameplay. Far Cry 6 places you in the function of a freedom fighter trying to overthrow an overbearing government run by a corrupt dictator, but in between those primary project missions are plenty of chances for off-the-wall antics and trouble. Its thanks to that balance that the game does not end up being too self-serious and stays fun to play for the lots of hours you can spend roaming the map completing optional goals and browsing out all the collectibles.
Among the wackiest new mechanics in Far Cry 6 is called Amigos. In previous games, you could sometimes hire other soldiers to eliminate with you, and in Primal even tame a wild animal to briefly join you. Now there are distinctively called animal buddies that you can take and open with you on your battle versus the military powers of Yara. Each Amigo has its own advantages and capabilities that you can level approximately make them much more powerful. Plus, some are just downright lovable. Heres a complete breakdown of all seven Amigos to unlock in Far Cry 6, consisting of the DLC ones.
Guapo the crocodile is your introduction to Amigos and will be immediately opened for you as you play through the primary project. He will appear specifically as part of the Juan of a Kind mission during the video games prologue, so you will not have to wait long at all to add this scaly buddy to your group. His base perk is called Ancient Survivor. This provides him the ability to bring back health gradually as long as hes not actively engaged in battle, plus he can restore himself once if he need to get gotten during a battle. Hes an extremely tanky, set-it-and-forget-it kind of Amigo.
Guapos 3 capabilities are: Body Regulation, Corner Beast, and Reptile Metabolism.
Body Regulation is unlocked by enabling Guapo to use his self restore 5 times, which must occur naturally as long as you bring him along on missions. It is essentially an upgrade to Ancient Survivor when you unlock it. Now he will have the ability to regen his HP even while in battle.
Corner Beast can be unlocked only after you get Body Regulation. To get it, Guapo needs to restore a combined overall of 3,000 HP while in combat. Again, this is one that will simply take place if you continue to use him. The capability itself makes Guapo take less damage when he drops below 50% HP.
Reptile Metabolism is his final capability. When Guapo reaches 50 overall kills, he gets this buff to his self restore. Now, if he does decrease, his self restore will bring him back up to 90% of his max health.
Who can truthfully take a look at this little man associating his little tool bag and wheels and not immediately desire him on your team? Chorizo the pup was flaunted extensively in the marketing for Far Cry 6, and for excellent reason. Hes fully knowledgeable about the result he has on individuals and is prepared to use it to your benefit. His primary perk is The Attention-Seeker, which he uses to draw the attention of opponents so you can slip previous or up to for an easy stealth kill. To add this pupper to your team, you will require to do the Whos A Good Boy and Fetch Quest Yaran Story objectives on Madrugada, which become available when you do the Meet The Monteros primary objective.
Chorizos 3 abilities are: Bloodhound, Yes, You Can, and Keen Senses.
Bloodhound will be fast and simple to unlock. Simply have Chorizo do what he does best and distract 10 enemies to open this capability. With it, he will passively begin marking any resources in your location on the map.
Yes, You Can is connected to Bloodhound. Keep Chorizo around while checking out to let him mark 36 loot containers for you and you will have the ability to bring back some of his health whenever you pet him. And lets face it, youre going to be cuddling this person frequently.
Eager Senses will open after you heal him up with family pets 50 times. Chorizo will sometimes find some resources underground that he will dig up for you when you do.
The quality of Angry Bird is more than just a saucy reference since it enables Chicharron to literally launch himself at enemies to attack. To add this rambunctious rooster to your roster, you will require to finish 3 side missions that unlock after the main story objective called Meet the Legends on El Este. These are Mans Best Enemy, Pecking Order, and Wingman, which start on the Vacia Coast in Sierra Perdida.
Chcharrons 3 capabilities are: Roid Rage, Angrier Bird, and Chicken Feet.
Roid Rage makes this currently aggressive bird a lot more frightening. Once he gets a taste for blood, specifically after getting 12 eliminates, Chicharron will get a buff to his attack speed plus offer double damage once his health drops listed below the 70% mark.
Angrier Bird will be a relatively fast unlock after getting Roid Rage. His introducing attack will begin to knock opponents off their feet as soon as Chicharron gets 24 more kills while getting the enthusiasts from Roid Rage.
Chicken Feet again needs the previous ability. Have your feathery pal knock over an overall of 50 opponents with his Angrier Bird skill and he will have a higher opportunity of dodging attacks while Roid Rage is active.
Boom Boom
The primary perk Boom begins with is called Fetch Boy, where he can go and loot some resources off of dead bodies for you. It just takes completing one side boom, mission or bust, to unlock him. You can get this objective after the primary story objective called Meet Maximas Matanzas and heading to Valle De Oro, Balaceras.
Boom Booms 3 capabilities are: Pointer, Expert Tracker, and Thick Coat.
Tip can be unlocked by utilizing Boom Booms natural ability to loot 10 dead bodies. With it, he will start to mark any opponent close by, soldier and animals alike.
Specialist Tracker acts on Pointer. Once hes marked 24 animals specifically, Boom Booms variety he can mark things for you will broaden.
Thick Coat will be opened last, once Boom has tagged a total of 50 enemies. This is simply a great buff to his defense so he can take more abuse from opponents without going down in fight.
The last Amigo you do not need any DLC for is the stunning black panther Oluso. This deadly feline is as quiet and fatal as you remain in some cases, making it a great partner for stealth-focused players. Her starting perk is called Shadow Striker, which enables her to take down opponents in a flash without making sound; plus, any bodies she eliminates will disappear. Getting Oluso isnt easy. You require to finish all the Triada Blessings objectives to unlock her, that include Triada Blessings Part 1, Idas Triada Relic, Okus Triada Relic, Mimo Abosis Triada Relic, and finally, Triada Blessings Part 2. These objectives begin on Isla Santuario in Oluwa Cave.
Olusos 3 capabilities are: Mimo Abosis Luck, Rage of Ida, and Mist of Oku.
Mimo Abosis Luck can be opened by having Oluso use her Shadow Striker ability on 12 opponents in restricted areas. This training will make her most likely to silently kill her targets.
Rage of Ida needs 24 overall takedowns to unlock. Once you have it, though, whenever Oluso carries out an effective takedown, any other opponents close by will end up being frightened and attempt to escape.
Mist of Oku can be acquired when Oluso scares the trousers off of 50 opponents with Rage of Ida. This passive coats her in a shroud of smoke if her health drops below 50%, which not just increases her stealth but also makes her entirely unsusceptible to damage and regrows health much quicker.
His standard perk is just called Iron Skin, which makes him take less damage from bullets and absolutely no damage from fire and poison. Naturally, that makes him rather the tank even though hes technically categorized as a stealth-type Amigo.
K-9000s 3 capabilities are: Enhance, Enhance!!!, and Termination Protocol.
Boost should appear no time at all. The requirements for unlocking it are simply for K-9000 to take 100 points of damage overall. Once he can Enhance, K-9000 will start tagging alarms, tripwires, turrets, and security cams for you.
Once K-9000 tags 24 security cameras particularly, enhance!!! will unlock. With this upgrade, he will deal benefit damage to any tagged enemy he attacks.
Termination Protocol is the result of your robo pet killing 50 enemies that have actually been tagged. When he runs out of health, this failsafe will make your devoted mechanized dog self-destruct.
Last up is the yin to Olusos yang. Champagne is the white panther you can unlock by buying the Vice DLC pack. This elite appeals beginning capability is called Status Symbol, which lets her select up more money from opponent bodies. Shes good for more than just earning cash, though, but the more you have, the much better.
Champagnes three capabilities are: Greed Is Good, Predatory Instinct, and Sonic Snarl.
When Champagne gets 12 eliminates, Greed Is Good unlocks itself. This capability increases the chances she will carry out an effective takedown as the amount of money you have in your bank increases.
Predatory Instinct will open when Champagne gets her 24th takedown. A great passive ability– now, when she carries out a silent takedown, she will likewise immediately loot the opponents body.
Sonic Snarl is Champagnes last ability. It unlocks by having her loot 1,000 Yaran Pesos from eliminated enemies and makes it so that whenever Champagne is harmed in a battle, theres an opportunity she will discharge a Sonic Snarl that can tear down surrounding enemies.

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Body Regulation is opened by enabling Guapo to use his self restore five times, which must occur naturally as long as you bring him along on objectives. Just have Chorizo do what he does best and distract 10 opponents to open this capability. To include this rowdy rooster to your lineup, you will require to finish three side objectives that open after the main story mission called Meet the Legends on El Este. It only takes completing one side boom, bust or objective, to unlock him. You need to complete all the Triada Blessings objectives to open her, which consist of Triada Blessings Part 1, Idas Triada Relic, Okus Triada Relic, Mimo Abosis Triada Relic, and lastly, Triada Blessings Part 2.

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