Episode 13: Practical Tips to Save Money on Groceries [college kid & young adult approved]

Episode 13: Practical Tips to Save Money on Groceries [college kid & young adult approved]

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Hello YouTube Universe!
And welcome back to today’s episode of Five O’Clock Finance where we’re talking about how to save money on food: specifically saving you money at the grocery store with the tried and true food-buying tips that’ll keep your wallet and fridge full.

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0:00 Intro
1:19 No.1 Look at Price Per Unit
2:23 No.2 Use Frozen, Canned, and Boxed Produce
4:39 No.3 Don’t Buy Out of Season
5:38 No.4 Expensive Meat is overrated
6:33 No.5 Buy Meat Close to the Sell-By Date
7:40 No.6 Buy Your Beans Dried
8:15 No.7 Make it Yourself if You Can
9:39 No.8 Pre-prepared Food is a Financial Hazard
10:34 Tip No.9 Invest in Your Spices
11:35 Tip No.10 Expensive Doesn’t Mean Good
12:36 Bonus Tip No.11 Rotisserie Chicken

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