eCommerce Holiday Shopping and Marketing Trends Data Report [2021]

eCommerce Holiday Shopping and Marketing Trends Data Report [2021]

Regardless of the 27.6% international increase in eCommerce in 2020, more than half of buyers (66%) still state they prepare to shop in-store this holiday. Ultimately, there are more customers investing more time online at the factor to consider phase, and they are doing it previously. Video content was a big booster last year, and this year its expected to generate even more engagement. Here is just one of the leading 2021 YouTube video ads from Gymshark. When shes not looking into the next content pattern or creating useful little service material, shes an avid beachgoer, coffee store addict and hangs out on LinkedIn.Your email address will not be published.

[In Partnership with Google] The online retail market is expanding, and with peak shopping days just around the corner, competitors is fierce..
How competitive?.
In order for marketing teams and eCommerce brands to capitalize on the biggest shopping days of the year, you require to look at key shopping trend reports and information, and adapt your holiday PPC marketing strategy accordingly..
In this full vacation shopping information report, weve partnered with Google to show you whatever you require to know before planning your holiday PPC marketing technique..
Furthermore, we have actually consisted of some crucial 2021 PPC optimization hacks which are vital in guaranteeing your eCommerce advertisements take advantage of big shopping days and trends..
Peak eCommerce Retail Shopping Days 2021.
To optimize sales over the holiday season, its essential to understand which huge shopping days youre gearing your marketing efforts and marketing to..
These consist of:.
As any eCommerce online marketer understands, peak season shopping behavior and trends modification year on year and differ from niche to niche and brand name to brand..
Typically speaking, though, as competition increases, so does the need to guarantee you are building awareness very early on so you can contend for both online sales and offline market share, too..
Why? Despite the 27.6% worldwide rise in eCommerce in 2020, majority of consumers (66%) still say they plan to go shopping in-store this holiday. This means if youre not an omnichannel brand, youll require to work harder (and prepare much better) to capitalize the later pre-holiday peaks..
Pro Tip: Capitalize on All Shopping Days by Going All-In with PPC Automation.
In regards to PPC, search, and digital marketing, competition for peak shopping days is massive. This implies its essential for marketing teams to take notice of project metrics and be able to tweak them in real-time.
However, this is virtually difficult over the peak shopping season due to the large volume of competitors and the variety of campaigns youre most likely to be running..
The best option to guarantee you can handle an increased PPC project strategy and enhance it in real-time to offer the best ROAS is using a PPC management software & & automation tool, such as Traffic Booster, which was designed specifically for eCommerce retailers..
You can find out more here.
Maximum Peak Sale and Search Timelines 2021.
Yes, Black Friday and Singles Day represent focused sales periods and the highest points of consumer need. However, consumer interest in these peak days starts well ahead of time..
Here are 2 crucial findings from Googles peak season report:.
In a nutshell: your target market is more than most likely currently beginning to search for items in preparation for 2021s peak shopping days. In reality, larger merchants have been seeing Black “Friday” as a week-long occasion, not one particular peak shopping day, for the last couple of years..
If you take a look at shopping behavior and search trends from last year, theres a big chance that holiday shopping has actually already started. :.
4 Holiday Shopping and Marketing Trend Predictions [2021] Next, lets look at the four crucial vacation shopping and marketing trends we expect to see this holiday based upon eCommerce and search trends..
Holiday Shopping Trend # 1: Online Sales Will Continue to Surge.
As talked about previously, international digital sales grew by 50% to a massive $1.1 trillion in 2020. Basically, the pandemic pressed eCommerce growth to record-breaking levels..
Will the surge in online sales continue into 2021? We predict that although eCommerce retail might see a small plateau in relation to online sales income, it isnt likely to drop to pre-pandemic figures..
Lets look at some essential 2021 shopping habits and sales statistics for United States consumers:.
Have a look at “buy online” search trends over the last 12 months. As you can see, it has remained pretty constant from 2020 to 2021 to date..
[Source: Google Trends]
To really capitalize on growing online sales, brands will require to create a more streamlined omnichannel shopping experience. This brings us to the next 2021 peak season shopping habits and sales trend..
Vacation Shopping Trend # 2: Omnichannel Product Discovery Will Drive Sales.
Waiting until peak season to introduce prospective customers to your brand name and products will kill your profits potential this holiday. Lets look at some item discovery data:.
Eventually, there are more consumers spending more time online at the factor to consider phase, and they are doing it previously. Its vital that you begin early (now!) when it comes to product discovery for the 2021 holiday shopping season and differ your channels..
In other words, you need to guarantee you are not just all over that they are, but have actually likewise produced an omnichannel experience to ensure you are moving them along from discovery to conversion..
A robust eCommerce marketing technique that integrates a range of channels will form the foundation of your omnichannel shopping experience. This should consist of:.
You will also require a wide array of campaigns for each channel that target different possible shoppers at various touchpoints.
Lets take a look at Google specifically..
If youre an omnichannel eCommerce brand, your eCommerce PPC project method for Google Ads ought to look something like this:.
Important Note: Google Search (and Smart Shopping) is most of the time the very first touchpoint in terms of product discovery throughout your purchasers whole journey. This suggests it should be the very first point of call when setting up your campaigns for peak season shopping days..
Simply put, you require awareness (brand name and item discovery) projects for each channel by October at the most recent, in addition to tactical remarketing campaigns throughout all your channels. This brings us to the next vacation consumer and marketing trend for the 2021 peak season..
Holiday Shopping Trend # 3: Your Consumers Holiday Shopping Journeys (From Awareness to Conversion) Will Start Early.
As we pointed out, more consumers are beginning their consumer shopping earlier each year, and peak shopping dates should be taken a look at as extended durations instead of particular days. Yes, Black Friday sales will surge on Thanksgiving around the globe..
Numerous of these consumers will have found and/or engaged with brands much earlier. If your eCommerce brand niche has an especially long sales journey, your shoppers are likely to have made very first contact with your brand name as far back as nine weeks prior to Black Friday Cyber Monday..
Additionally, according to Kate Ellsworth (managing editor of commerce content at Reviewed), there are three essential things driving United States customers to do their vacation shopping even previously this year:.
The latter is a huge concern for electronic buyers specifically..
PlayStation 5, for instance, offers out in minutes, and they are likely to be difficult to find during peak shopping seasons. When you consider “where to buy PS5” is a top 2020 search term in the United States, we understand that need is still high, and consumers are not most likely to wait for sales for these and other consoles this year..
[Source: Google Trends]
Pro Tip: Go All-In on Cyber Week Pre-Sales.
Heres the important things. Consumers are conscious of the electronic devices inventory scarcity concerns. This indicates they are already trying to find early pre-sales that will enable them to “get-in” before a product offers out, while still getting the advantage of a deal..
And while they are searching for electronic pre-sales, it doesnt mean they arent on the lookout for other pre-sales as well. We understand that Amazon Prime Day is usually around the 15th of October, which is when pre-sales search fever begins to peak.
Vacation Shopping Trend # 4: Video Marketing Will Take Center Stage.
All of us understand the power of video when it pertains to eCommerce marketing. But a few of the current stats in regards to item discovery are increasingly favorable..
Like this one: A current research study found that 90% (yes 90!) of individuals state they find brand-new items on YouTube..
According to Anaïs Hayes, Head of Brand Innovation at Google, video is a powerful tool in turning awareness into consideration..
Video content was a huge booster last year, and this year its anticipated to generate a lot more engagement. Here is simply among the leading 2021 YouTube video ads from Gymshark. It got 1,457,536 views..
Reaching possible customers at the initial factor to consider phase is crucial in making sure peak season sale success, and video is set to be one of the most prominent ways to do that this holiday..
Tools such as Googles Maximize Lift, which reveals items to new potential clients with high buying intent, can lower cost per acquisition by as much as 17% and improve Google ROAS overall..
How to Find Peak Season Shopping Trends per Niche.
Lastly, when it concerns limiting peak season eCommerce shopping and marketing trends, you wish to make certain you are also diving deep into your specific niche and market..
Google uses four powerful hacks and tools that eCommerce retailers and online marketers can use to examine peak shopping trends for their specific niche..
Lets take a closer take a look at each..
1. Best Sellers Report.
The Best Sellers report programs you the most popular brands and products.
If you currently bring them in your product feed, it can assist you determine seasonal patterns and recognize items that would benefit from increased spending plans or quotes..
2. Rate Competitiveness Report.
The Price Competitiveness report shows an average rate throughout rivals for the products you offer..
This can help you understand the rate at which other merchants are successfully bring in clicks, in addition to aggregated metrics on standard prices.
3. Demand Forecasts.
Demand Forecasts show upcoming patterns which are anticipated to begin over the next 180 days.
It will likewise show when market need is likely to start increasing, by just how much, and for the length of time. It will also let you see what is expected to trigger the increase and how you can best catch it..
4. Google Trends.
To comprehend how frequently users search for particular inquiries or subjects and compare different search terms, time periods, and regions, utilize Google Trends..
This information can provide insights into changes in need, peak durations for particular inquiries, and growing or decreasing trends.
Final Thoughts: If Your Peak Season Campaigns Arent Set Up Yet, Youre Well Below the Curve.
Theres no beating around the bush: If you havent established your holiday marketing strategy yet, youre already losing out on possible consumers..
Lets recap some crucial peak season shopping information:.
Its not all doom and gloom for marketers..
There are two methods you can establish a detailed marketing technique in time to boost online sales today..
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