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Can I Teach Myself Olympic Lifts? | Nerd Fitness

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Explain how to progress up to barbells. Either method, the standard strategies will stay the very same.
According to this evaluation from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Olympic raising improves ones vertical dive. A study out of the U.K. from Brian P. Hamill really reveals that within 100 hours of involvement, weightlifting sustains the most affordable injury rates at only 0.0017 injuries during that time. Time to go for the gold and combine these two movements– the dumbbell tidy and the dumbbell jerk.

You desire to learn about Olympic lifting?
I get it!.
I might utilize a gold medal hanging off my wall too.
I kid, I kid.
Even if you dont have intend on contending, carrying out the Olympic lifts can be a fantastic method to construct strength and power. Its why we teach them in our Online Coaching Program for those that are interested.
And you DONT even require a barbell or dumbbell to get going.
Lets do this!
What are the Olympic Lifts?
In the video above, I reveal you precisely how to begin carrying out Olympic lifts (even if you dont have any equipment).
This may raise a question:.
What the heck are the Olympic lifts?
Explain how to advance up to barbells. Either way, the basic techniques will stay the exact same.
The Snatch is where the athlete gets the bar with a large grip, then lifts it from the ground to overhead in one strong motion.
This is a HUGE simplification of a very technical lift, however it offers us a quick definition and lets us identify the exercise when we see it.
The Clean & & Jerk is 2 movements done back to back in competition:.
Lets break both of these down a little.
The Clean:.
The clean is where the athlete grabs the bar with a grip a little broader than shoulder-width grip, then raises it from the ground to the front of their shoulders.
Getting comfortable with the front squat will assist your method if youre interested in carrying out the tidy.
We have a terrific video about it here:.
The Jerk:.
The tidy may be carried out by itself in training, however in competitors the athlete should follow up the clean with a jerk.
And not like that …
The jerk gets the bar from the shoulders to overhead and completes the lift.
Youll typically see the professional athlete take a staggered stance when they get the bar overhead, in order to increase stability, thus:.
The difference between the two Olympic lifts comes down to the variety of movements:.
For both Olympic lifts (the nab and the clean & & jerk), the professional athlete needs to hold the weight consistent with their feet beneath themselves until a judge provides them the command to drop the weight.
Fundamental Technique for Olympic Lifts.
The basic strategy for all the lifts is to blow up upwards with your whole body, then rapidly alter direction to get beneath the weight.
I assure well get under the weight more secure than that.
This is the same idea whether youre raising 5 pounds or 500 pounds.
( Oh also– weight-lifting is usually gone over in kilos– so whether youre raising 2.5 kg to 227 kg!).
We likewise do this every time we box dive if the idea of blowing up upwards and rapidly altering instructions appears odd!
Theres an explosion upwards, then a quick reversal for the legs in order to get below the body and up on package.
We cover the ins and outs of performing box leaps in this video:.
This is likewise why some will describe the Olympic lifts as “leaping with weights”.
Again, as constantly, a substantial simplification however it gets your mind around them a bit more!
Whats the Difference Between Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting?
Olympic lifting is NOT powerlifting– a term you may have heard before.
Powerlifting is training and competing in the three lifts:.
In both Olympic lifting and Powerlifting, were trying to raise the most amount of weight. Its simply that the lifts are completely different.
If you are interested in that too, weve got an excellent post on powerlifting from Coach Staci!
What Are the Benefits of Performing Olympic Lifts?
Olympic lifting is typically referred to as “gymnastics with weights.”.
Athletes carry out quickly, powerful lifts that seem to show superhero levels of strength.
According to this evaluation from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Olympic raising enhances ones vertical jump. [1] However you dont need a study to inform you that. Just see some Olympians leap!
Like this:.
Or examine out the dives from this group:.
Even if youre not thinking about enhancing your dunking skills, the Olympic lifts will still build a lot of strength and coordination while offering a great deal of enjoyable variety in your training.
Is Olympic Lifting Safe?
Powerful movements you may immediately think these exercises are hazardous when you see these fast.
The motions are rather regulated and predictable. As opposed to pick-up sports which are naturally unpredictable.
In addition, simply like any workout, one would begin light and build up gradually to optimum weights.
A research study out of the U.K. from Brian P. Hamill actually reveals that within 100 hours of participation, weight-lifting incurs the most affordable injury rates at just 0.0017 injuries throughout that time. [2] Weighting lifting is more secure than badminton!?!
This is as opposed to schoolyard soccer which sustains a rate of 6.20 injuries throughout that exact same time, yet we believe nothing of letting a kid kick around a soccer ball with pals.
5 Exercises to find out Olympic Lifting Technique.
Lets cover 5 workouts that will help you dominate the Olympic lifts.
# 1) The Pop and Drop.
If you recall, the basic technique for all the Olympic lifts is taking off upwards, then rapidly altering direction.
Well work on that with a drill well call “pop and drop.”.
Olympic lifting Coach Don McCauley has actually taught this as the “dirty dancing” drill too, however due to the fact that we didnt desire to leave out or misrepresent any hints from his initial drill, well merely call it the “pop and drop.”.
This drill starts with something called the power position.
No, not that power position!
This power position:.
After a couple of warm-up squats, heres how to enter the power position:.
Think of this position like a crammed spring all set to be launched.
Youll see this very same position in the snatch, the clean, and the jerk exercises well do later on.
For the “pop and drop”, once youre in the power position youll then take off upwards, rapidly shuffle your feet out to squat width, and fall into a squat. Thus:.
Once youve popped and dropped– then stand, get your feet back underneath you, get set into the power position, and attempt it again!
Youll observe that while we are taking off, we are * not * trying to leap as high as we can. This would not permit us to have a fast reversal.
There is a RHYTHM to this exercise: the quick upwards motion followed instantly by the quick squat.
Feel it, practice it, get comfy with it!
# 2) Dumbbell Snatch.
Were going to take that basic idea of popping and dropping to a workout called the dumbbell snatch.
Now, completion of a regular barbell take has the professional athlete capturing the barbell in a squat with arms large overhead:.
For the dumbbell nab, well be catching the dumbbell in a squat with one arm overhead:.
Offer this squat a go right now– with or without weight– raise your arm overhead and squat 5 times on each side. Go as low as you feel comfy– you do not have to go as low as you might usually go in a routine squat.
Next, lets practice the explosive dumbbell snatch exercise without weight in slow motion:.
To perform this novice nab variation:.
When that feels excellent, practice the movement without weight at routine speed. Pop and drop!
When that feels excellent– include some weight, and! It doesnt need to be much (could even be a soup can).
# 3) Dumbbell Clean.
At the end of a regular barbell clean, we have the barbell up on the front of the athletes shoulders.
For the dumbbell tidy, well be catching the dumbbells in front of the shoulders in the dumbbell front squat position.
Raise your dumbbells to this position and provide this squat a go today for 5 reps. Go as low as you feel comfortable.
Well follow the same progression as the dumbbell snatch, so lets practice the movement without weight, in sluggish motion initially (Zack Synder design).
To perform this novice clean variation:.
Practice the movement without weight at regular speed when that feels great. Pop and drop!
And when you have actually that dialed in– as in the past– add some weight!
Once again, it doesnt have to be much. Try to find a strong, smooth movement!
# 4) Dumbbell Jerk.
We have actually discovered SO much so far. Youre doing amazing.
Its time for us to learn the dumbbell jerk.
Now, the end of a regular barbell jerk does not normally end in a squat … although there are professional athletes that do that:.
The professional athlete is typically landing in a staggered position, like so:.
For the dumbbell jerk, well drop into the same staggered stance, with dumbbells overhead.
Initially, lets attempt simply getting the leg position:.
When you begin to feel good with your leg position, get your arms included thus:.
To perform this beginner jerk variation:.
And when that feels good– similar to before, add some weight:.
# 4) Dumbbell Clean & & Jerk
. Time to go for the gold and combine these 2 movements– the dumbbell clean and the dumbbell jerk. If youve made it this far, I understand you can complete.
Heres how to perform the tidy & & jerk with dumbbells:.
Thats the dumbbell clean and jerk!
When to Train With Olympic Lifts.
Due to the fact that Olympics lifts (and the variations covered here) are technical and need you to blow up strongly, they are best done near the start of your exercise when youre first discovering them.
When you train with Olympic lifts:.
As soon as youve established some efficiency, you could also do some Olympic raises with lower weight, greater associates (10 associates+) at the end of your exercise as a conditioning exercise.
For more here, examine out our guide How to Build Your Own Workout (for the Gym or Your Home).
Desire to Progress Further? (Next Steps).
Have we whet your cravings for the Olympic lifts?
Well, the next step would be to get a coach!
Getting a coach in person would be ideal, to be able to enjoy your strategy time and time again. We comprehend thats not always possible for everyone (heres how to work with an individual trainer if you do go that path).
If you are unable to find a coach personally, examine out Nerd Fitness Online Coaching– where youll exchange videos with a qualified coach who can assist you, no matter where you are and what devices you have.
Prepared to progress approximately a barbell?
Then inspect out these excellent tutorials on Olympic lifts:.
# 1) How to Do a Barbell Clean:.
# 2) How to Do a Barbell Snatch:.
# 3) How to Do a Barbell Jerk:.
California Strength crushed these three videos.
Alright, I think that about does it for our guide.
Now, your turn:.
Let me know in the remarks!
For the Rebellion!
– Coach Jim.
PS: Have enjoyable with the Olympic raises! Begin with lighter weights so you do not get too frightened.
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Examine out that research study here.
You can learn more here.

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