Apple patent involves ‘personality based wellness coaching’ for Fitness+ : Apple World Today

Apple patent involves ‘personality based wellness coaching’ for Fitness+ : Apple World Today

Apple has been given a patent (number 11,056,238) for “personality based wellness coaching” for the businesss Physical fitness+ service.

About the patent

Heres Apples summary of the patent: “Automated health training can be based at least in part on character qualities of the user. A training system, which can consist of several electronic gadgets that a user may use or bring throughout daily activities, can present prompts at selected times to motivate a user to engage in numerous wellness activities and can determine the users responsiveness.

” The material of a prompt, in addition to the time, place, and/or way of presenting the timely, can be adjusted to a personality profile preserved for the user and upgraded with time as the user interacts with the system. The system might also include abilities to set specific wellness goals for the user and to trigger the user to actions aimed at the goal; objectives can be customized and adapted based on the users character profile.”.

Figure 4 shows one example of a baseline information user interface for a character based wellness coach.
This material was originally released here.

In the patent filing, Apple keeps in mind that “physical activity has, for numerous, become another chore to be scheduled and brought out or, as is typically the case, forgotten entirely. The tech giant believes that automated wellness coaching could motivate folks to exercise more, particularly if its based upon the users personality.

Summary of the patent.

Of course, medical science has developed that regular physical activity is crucial to preserving good health. The advancement of technology has actually normally corresponded with a decrease of physical activity. Rather of having to make money through physically requiring labor, many individuals today discover that their daily regimen consists largely of sitting in front of a computer system or tv screen, punctuated by periods of sitting in a cars and truck in traffic..

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