42 Dugg Trends As Video Of Him Kissing His Son Went Viral, Fans Threaten To Call CPS - Urban Islandz

42 Dugg Trends As Video Of Him Kissing His Son Went Viral, Fans Threaten To Call CPS – Urban Islandz

42 Dugg trends after sharing a video of himself kissing his boy as fans respond.
The Detroit local was threatened by fans who were angry at a video he published online with his son in which he can be seen suggestively licking and s ** king on the childs neck. 42 Dugg erased the video after hundreds online threatened to call Child Protective Services for what appeared like him trying to put a hickey on the kids neck while the child appeared noticeably uneasy.
42 Dugg, 25, shared the video to his official Instagram account as he commemorated the 3rd birthday of his son. While some of the videos shared were innocent and showing that he adored his kid, one of the videos made fans uneasy as he licked the kids neck then continued to draw on it as the child twitched out of his grasp while objecting.
Some fans didnt find the video to be a problem as affection between dad and son were still something that made any individuals uneasy. Those in assistance called it “safe enjoyable between the father and his kid.
Nevertheless, some fans were disgusted by the display of love.
” That video of 42 Dugg is the cringiest thing Ive seen in some time.” Someone published on social networks. Another said, “Im not telling anybody how to moms and dad however that would be the LAST day 42 Dugg see his son without supervision.”
The rap artist was incensed by the remarks and reacted online as he slammed fans for associating his love with being gay.
” Aint nobody choosing that gay ass hoe ass Sh * t y all on, y all quit to get on some GAY B * TCH ASS SH * T BUT WHEN AS N * GGA JUMP DOWN ON ONE YOU HOE N * GGAS AND CALL SOMEBODY OUT WE HOMOPHOBIC,” he says in inference to DaBabys recent homophobic comments.
His rant went bash what he called a gay program being required on him and others.
” DONT NOBODY GIVE AH F * CK ABOUT THAT SH * T YALL DONT NONE US WE ENTERTAINERS THATS IT. WE NOT HERE TO coach you on life if I state Im not with that gay sh * t thats where y all should leave it stop tryna shove that sh * t down N *** as throats, ah gay n * gga ah be on nationwide tv tonguing another HOE ASS N *** A, but thats okay though y all or no other motherf *** as on earth aint finna make me like SH * T ION LIKE.”
The rapper, who is known for his controversial lyrics and his altercations with the law included, had a message for those who didnt like him -” f *** k yall,” he said.
42 Dugg posts and deletes a story saying “draw my d * ck you gay b * tches” plus more after facing reaction for posting a video of him licking his childs neck. pic.twitter.com/inxCthgTTJ
— Rap Alert (@rapalert4) July 31, 202142 Dugg once his plane lands pic.twitter.com/bKeGxgKcZ8
— Timbo? (@Iamthetimby) July 31, 2021ik dis nigga 42 dugg did not simply provide his son a tongue twister 3000 on his neck …?? pic.twitter.com/X5N5ibS0zp
— zion (@ 202Zion) July 31, 202142 Dugg didnt need to post that pic.twitter.com/8N05QpS9EE
— Edwin ??/ RIP Mamá Lydia (@squid_win) July 31, 2021God while attempting to focus on the pandemic and See 42 Dugg drawing on his son neck pic.twitter.com/bDcLGfE1i4
I love 42 Dugg but that video with his son is weird. pic.twitter.com/MvjjzhFw8N
–?? (@SipOf__TEE) July 31, 2021Lil Baby next time he see 42 Dugg pic.twitter.com/eoeZp8g3TC
— Mink Flow (@currypistonn) July 31, 2021seeing 42 Dugg offer his boy a hickey ruined my entire weekend … pic.twitter.com/un16bLXY45
— R+ ^ * (@xxrxggie) July 31, 2021Everyone on Twitter rn calling CPS after seeing 42 Dugg video: pic.twitter.com/Q9GySo1rrK
— Mamba Out???? (@kcjj_04) July 31, 2021This content was initially published here.

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