37 Best Mens Wedding Bands for the Stylish Guy - Green Wedding Shoes

37 Best Mens Wedding Bands for the Stylish Guy – Green Wedding Shoes

Such a special mens wedding event band, best?!
The perfect best for the whiskey bourbon caring. If were talking unique mens wedding bands, this ring strikes the jackpot. The 18K yellow gold wedding event band has Mt Everest etched on it, and it pretty much doesnt get any cooler than having the worlds highest mountain on your wedding ring. It feels so distinct and various than any other guys wedding rings weve ever seen.If you desire a band with a complex and detailed style, youve met your match. Thats reason enough for us to enjoy this hammered guys wedding band, but can we talk about this hammered style for a sec?! The hand cut inscriptions on this ring feel natural and truly distinct.

Men, this ones for you … weve rounded up the very best mens wedding bands we could find. Because who says people cant look stylish too?! We get it, searching for guys wedding rings can definitely be an obstacle. With a lot of various product alternatives therefore many styles, it can be hard to pick!
In todays guide to the best wedding event bands for males, weve streamlined the procedure. Weve curated the supreme wish list, separated out by all of our preferred wedding ring products (and why we love them!).
Prior to diving in, lets address some of your burning concerns about finding the supreme guys wedding event rings.
picture above: Sheena Shahangian Photography
Just How Much Are Mens Wedding Bands?
mens wedding ring picture: Karly Jo Photography, as seen in this horse farm elopement motivation
Wedding bands for guys can vary quite hugely in rate. The truth is, you can buy a silicone band for $20 or you can purchase an 18K gold band for a couple thousand. We totally motivate you to reserve industry averages and really consider what feels right to you.
What are you comfortable spending on your wedding band? Your ring is a symbolic representation of your marital relationship, however it also does not need to spend a lot, either! Like anything in the wedding preparation procedure, consider your budget when taking a look at band choices.
We also advise considering how cost contributes in how long your ring lasts. If a rings rate seems too good to be real, what material is it constructed of? How long will that product last?
And are you eventually looking for a ring that lasts a life time or would you rather swap out for brand-new designs as time passes. The right rate for a mens wedding band is ultimately what prices feels right to you.
In this guide, well share rings from various price points, so you can patronize self-confidence for the perfect fit.
How to Pick Mens Wedding Bands
guys wedding ring picture: Katherine Ann Rose, as seen in this beautiful downtown LA wedding event
When choosing the ideal mens wedding event ring, believe about your unique design and what you desire your ring to say about you. Engagement rings tend to get a lot of the attention, however we cant forget that your wedding band is a ring youll use every day … and it must reflect your unique personality.
When thinking of your design, do you like the twinkle of gold and silver? Or do you choose the rustic look of a wood wedding band? Or perhaps the rugged and extreme appearance of tungsten is more your vibe. There are many special guys wedding bands to pick from, but the initial step is narrowing down the materials and designs you love.
From there, think about the way of life you lead. If you live an active life and intend on wearing your ring on your adventures, think about metals or products that can handle bumps and scratches.
The more pure yellow gold gets, for instance, the more prone it is to scratches. Wood rings can be vulnerable. On the other hand tungsten and titanium are a few of the strongest materials you can select for a wedding band. When and where you plan on using your wedding band, which material you choose really depends on.
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Mens Black Wedding Bands
Ready to bring the mood?! Mens black wedding event rings have a particular method about them. They feel similarly mystical, rugged, and classy.
While black is definitely a traditional color, we enjoy that these types of rings certainly stand out amongst the normal metal wedding ring options men are typically provided.
If youre searching for the best wedding event bands for guys that have a bit of edge and a lot of character, these are the ones were obsessing over.
This raw tungsten guys wedding event band has a textured and rugged want to it, with an abundant dark color and hints of a charcoal tone.For the interior of the band, you have the alternative in between white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, but we particularly like the mix of cool color temperatures when the rough-edged tungsten is coupled with white gold.
This guys wedding band is all about the texture and finish. Tantalum likewise does not wear away quickly, which implies youre purchasing a ring with remaining power.The ring has a charcoal-like black tone to it, and although it has a satin surface, we actually like how you can see the texture.
We love the contrast in between the romantic and warm increased gold engraved strip on this ring with the black-as-night tungsten that makes up this mens wedding event band exterior.Its like the conference of modern with conventional, and we cant admire the look but assist.
Okay guys, pay very close attention, because you DO NOT wish to scroll past this black wedding event band. Not just is the geometric style of this ring other-worldly (we enjoy us an Art Deco moment!), but created carbon boasts the strength of carbon fiber, in addition to its light-weight residential or commercial properties.
Not only is this mens wedding event ring stunning, but its a total take! You get the beautiful appearance of olive wood, with its striking patterns, without sacrificing resilience since of the carbon fiber exterior.
photo of white gold guys wedding event band: Anna Delores Photography, as seen in this contemporary al fresco wedding event.
Love the look of a cool-toned ring? White gold might simply be the best alternative! White gold has a silver want to it, but its a more long lasting substance, making it a better fit than silver for anyone who leads an active way of life.
We love the flexibility of white gold. It pairs well with all kinds of clothings and designs, offered its neutral tone. And its a traditional appearance thatll never go out of design.
This custom-made white gold fingerprint wedding event band for males is quite perhaps one of the most interesting designs weve seen.We truly like how the fingerprint supplies a practically classic and textured want to the white gold, which tends to have a more modern-day look.
How gorgeous is this hammered guys wedding event band?! We love the rustic and brushed appearance of the hammered metal versus the sleek and sleek white gold interior of the ring. Such a special mens wedding event band design.
tungsten wedding event bands for males: Veil Jewelers
Tungsten is among the sturdiest, most resilient products you can use for a mens wedding event band (its quite literally the strongest metal on Earth). Needless to state, tungsten rings are constructed to last.
If you intend on wearing your wedding ring to the gym, in the outdoors, at building and construction sites, or actually anywhere youre dealing with your hands, tungsten is an exceptional choice. Plus, these kinds of rings also look incredibly cool too.
We enjoy the pairing of meteorite and tungsten on this mens wedding band. The space grey and jet black make the perfect moody pairing for an out-of-this-world vibe.
While also a meteorite and tungsten band, this ring is a bit various than ring # 11. And the tungsten on this guys wedding event band is a brushed matte charcoal color.
This tech-inspired black diamond and tungsten wedding event ring is really unlike anything else. It pairs a center band of round cut diamonds black-as-night with white engravings that mimic the look of a computer system circuit. Such an unique mens wedding band, right?!
The ideal ring for the scotch caring outdoorsman. Thats the finest method we can explain these stunning tungsten guys wedding event bands. The interior of the ring is made of bourbon barrel wood. And the exterior is a flat brushed tungsten with a stunning grey toned forest engraved on it.
guys rose gold wedding event band picture: Carlie Statsky, as seen in this redwood grove influenced wedding
Wedding event rings are everything about love, and theres no much better ring to emit a romantic vibe than increased gold guys wedding bands.
We enjoy the warm and rich color that this metal evokes. Whereas white gold has a cooler tone, increased gold has more of a sunset ambiance. And if you enjoy the appearance, we have a feeling youll be absolutely head over heels for these rose gold wedding event bands for males.
We can not get over the spectacular juxtaposition between the dark meteorite inlay and the textured exterior of the rose gold band.This miiiiiight simply be one of our preferred mens wedding bands on this list. Its simply so loaded with texture, and the perfect mix of warm and cold color temperatures.
In some cases simple is finest. Aaaaand then sometimes you discover a sensational hand engraved rose gold guys wedding event band with the most elaborate detailing and you cant fall but assist in love. Thats basically the story with this wedding ring.The nature-inspired flourishes and milgrain detailing instantly draw you in, and the rose gold serves as the ultimate canvas for the design.
Love the warm look of increased gold however desire your ring to have some cool tones too? This mixed metal mens wedding event band strikes the nail on the head. You have the romantic rose gold on the interior and a silvery white brushed search the outside.
Ooooh do we love the organic pattern and style of Damascus steel. It makes for a seriously stunning guys wedding event band style, particularly with that lovely increased gold inlay making a warm cut into the cold steel exterior.
copper inlay guys wood wedding event bands: Mouse Official
We enjoy how guys wood wedding event bands have actually grown in appeal so much over the previous couple of years. Generally, these rings were considered as more rustic, but they can also look modern also.
Mens wood wedding bands are able to be easily customized for a distinct look, either with inscriptions, choosing woods from your preferred bourbon barrels, or through personalized inlays. There are so numerous ways to make a wood ring your own.
We love the concept of inscribing your wedding band with something essential. Wether its your wedding date, you and your partners initials, or a tailored note, these wood rings could not be the more perfect canvas.The engraving sets wonderfully with the texture bands of the desert ironwood. Such a dreamy look.
If were talking unique guys wedding event bands, this ring hits the mark. Birch bark and real juniper are encased in a resin to make this strikingly distinct wedding event band. This ring absolutely feels like art, and its a pretty legendary way to admire a little slice of nature every day.We love this guys wedding ring for anybody getting married in the terrific outdoors, specifically if youre preparing a wedding event in the forest.
Walnut wood is commonly used in Mid-Century Modern furnishings pieces, and we like its usage in this mens wedding event band. It brings a warm yet modern-day feel to the rings design.The ring is simple, with no additional frills. Which truly permits the texture and information of the wood itself to be the real centerpiece.
Gold Mens Wedding Bands
Gold is a traditional metal you cant perhaps go wrong with when it comes to mens wedding event bands. It has a fantastic yet tidy appearance to it that we cant assist but fall in love with.
And it manages to deal with so numerous different ring styles, whether you desire something more contemporary or more conventional. These are the gold mens wedding bands we just cant overcome.
This ones for the travelers out there. The 18K yellow gold wedding band has Mt Everest inscribed on it, and it pretty much doesnt get any cooler than having the worlds tallest mountain on your wedding ring. Were kind of consumed.
This yellow gold mens wedding band is traditional in every way. You have the traditional slight outside curve around the edges. No frills, but thats part of what makes this style so timeless. We do love the matte look however. Certainly includes a contemporary touch to an otherwise conventional design.
Oh my goodness, how spectacular are these textured yellow gold guys wedding event bands ?! We love that they rather look like hammered metal, but likewise have their own natural and unforeseen dips and curves. The handcrafted nature of these rings also implies youre getting a ring with unique texture.
This 18K yellow gold guys wedding band is an overall show-stopper. It feels so unique and various than any other guys wedding rings weve ever seen.If you want a band with a complex and complex design, youve fulfilled your match.
This ring has actually stunning mountains etched in a yellow gold band with a black rhodium plated sky. The rhodium plating has an unique texture to it that offers depth to the night sky portion of the ring and sets wonderfully with the polished and glimmering gold of the rolling hills and mountains.
The forged carbon contrasted against the Art Deco yellow gold pattern on this ring immediately caught our eye. Its beyond cool.We actually like the method these two tones work so well with each other, with the 18K yellow gold having a elegant and attractive feel and the carbon being more intense and contemporary.
Hammered Mens Wedding Bands
Hammered mens wedding bands have become more and more popular these days, and we might not love this pattern more. Frankly, we do not see it ever heading out of style.
The hammered look makes your ring feel hand crafted and textured in a way that a polished design cant quite do. It can feel rustic or elevated or modern. In either case, we love.
This gorgeous band is definitely one of the more modern-day hammered wedding rings for guys. The hammered white gold is implied to mimic the ripples and waves in water, and the cool tone of the white gold actually adds to that calming vibe.We particularly like how this hammered style is different than many, covering the entire height of the band rather than producing a collection of edges. Its a distinct take on the classic hammered look.
The ambiance of this hammered band is sort of the reverse of ring # 33 above. It made from 18K yellow gold, emitting a warm sensation, whereas the other ring has a cooler tone. And this wedding event ring has a wide variety of hammered areas spanning both the height and width of the band, giving a sort of disco ball aura. While the hammered designs of each of these mens wedding bands is so various, we cant help but swoon over both equally.
Like tungsten, titanium is a long lasting and exceptionally strong product for mens wedding bands. Thats reason enough for us to enjoy this hammered guys wedding event band, but can we talk about this hammered design for a sec?! The hand cut inscriptions on this ring feel genuinely special and organic.
You can probably currently tell, however were huge fans of tungsten. Not just is it such a cool looking product for mens wedding bands, but its likewise extremely long lasting. And we like this use of tungsten, with a magnificently hammered band that looks both manly and stylish.
What an unique take on the tungsten mens wedding band. We love the rose gold tone of the brushed and hammered tungsten.
Discover the best guys wedding event band, however unsure where to begin when it pertains to formalwear for the big day? Start with our A-Z guide to guys formalwear. Well stroll you through it.
Still looking for the best fit? We have all the motivation you need, with so lots of style choices to pick from.
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