10 Hottest Tech Trends in 2076

10 Hottest Tech Trends in 2076

Lunar colonization is simply a few years away. No one actually desires to live in government-controlled settlements.
6. Web 4.0


Elon Musk started a trend in the “Roaring 20s.” Today, high-speed hyperloop tech connects major cities in the United States. Europe and Asia have advanced hyper-speed rail services and Indias hyperloop plans are the envy of the transport world.
4. Area Tourism

It took years to get a full fleet of supersonic aircraft released worldwide. Now, with the introduction of commercial area planes, you can get to any significant metro worldwide in just a few hours. It isnt cheap, but as they state, “time is money.”
3. Hyperloops

Genetic modification has actually been around for several years, but there has actually always been a preconception around designer children − previously. In 2076, its simple to choose from a list of socially acceptable characteristics for your newborn − however cheat codes are trending. People are paying to have extra traits genetically set into their kids. Its tough to show, and hard to inform until the children are older. This is among “the” hot-button political problems of 2076.
10. Virtual Worlds

The internet is larger and faster than ever. However with the advent and implementation of personal quantum computer systems, the trend is towards constructing apps that are “quantum secure.” This is easier stated than done, and a huge part of the 2076 digital economy is concentrated on keeping data secure and personal.
7. AR Implants

A little more than 245 years back, our predecessors used the very best innovation offered to inspire colonial proto-Americans to revolt versus King George. At that time, the “finest” innovation available was the printing press, and the “finest” social network required the usage of “word of mouth” in pubs. Grog was the lube that helped with the rest and this communication, as they state, is history.
Every year, I like to review the entrepreneurs and startups that changed the world by developing the hottest tech patterns circa 1776. This year, however, I wanted to do something a little various. Rather of aiming to the past, lets aim to the future and attempt to see what the most popular tech patterns of 2076 may appear like.
1. Affordable, Personal eVTOL

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A little more than 245 years back, our predecessors used the finest technology available to motivate colonial proto-Americans to revolt against King George. Every year, I like to reflect on the entrepreneurs and startups that altered the world by producing the most popular tech patterns circa 1776. It took years to get a full fleet of supersonic aircraft released around the world. Weve had AR glasses and contact lenses for years, but now, individuals are deciding for human/machine blends. Hereditary engineering has been around for years, but there has actually constantly been a preconception around designer children − until now.

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Weve had AR glasses and contact lenses for years, but now, people are choosing for human/machine combinations. People are getting implants for enhanced reality, additional strength, and enhanced physical and psychological abilities.
8. Mail-order Designer Drugs

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The trend in 2076 is towards meta-currencies that take the location of having to have 50 various crypto currencies and 100s of diverse utility tokens in your digital wallet. This has been a mess for 25 years, however there are a lot of extremely promising startups vying to become meta-currency unicorns.
Back to 2021 − I could compose a book about each of these paragraphs. A few of this will not wait up until 2076; it will occur much quicker. A few of this will never occur, or will take place in a different way. The most crucial feature of this (otherwise ridiculous) exercise is that all of us just took a minute to show on some version of the future. Use this list as a beginning point or toss it out and make your own. All of us have the ability, and the right, to be the designers of the future we want to reside in. Im anticipating becoming aware of the future as you imagine it. Have a fantastic holiday weekend.

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Deepfakes, Avatars, AI, and blockchain innovation have come together to permit the production of amazing virtual worlds. Genuine estate in a virtual world can cost as much as (or more than) physical real estate.
11. Decentralization

Everyone who wants to holiday in area is able to manage it. The problem is reserving hotel rooms on the restricted variety of commercial spaceport station that welcome tourists.
5. Purchasing Real Estate on the Moon

Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles have been popular for several years, but in 2076 a host of computational tools combined with enhanced worldwide satellite networks have actually made it possible to offer fully autonomous, affordable individual eVTOL cars. They are all the rage.
2. Supersonic Flight and Space Planes

Biotech and molecular biology are multi-trillion-dollar markets. The most recent trend is quick, economical house testing, AI diagnostics, and a next-day or same-day shipment of a drug specifically engineered and made to treat what ails you. The battle for healthcare supremacy in between big tech and big biotech has actually never been fiercer.
9. Designer Babies

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