10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of October 2021 - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of October 2021 – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Whether its graphene, PEG, nanometals and parasites, or luminescent nano superconductors, or self-assembling nanobots, or tentacled animals, anybody can now see what is in these witches brews. The transhumanistic world of nanotech and artificial lifeforms is here.
COVID Trend # 4: Millions of People Quit or Get Fired, Leading to Systemic Staff and Supply Shortages
This one is a natural corollary of a COVID trend I pointed out earlier– the shooting of numerous employees to develop intentional understaffing. Some such as James Corbett have actually referred to it with language such as the “regulated demolition of the economy” which evokes the 9/11 false flag op, but this time played out in the around the world economic arena. There are actually countless people, in the United States and Australia, quitting their tasks or permitting themselves to be sacked– everybody from 9/11 responders to heath employees to firemen to policemen.
When the NWO controllers orchestrate a circumstance to terminate people en masse, not just does it put stress on those that have actually lost their jobs, and not just does it put stress on those organizations and organizations to run effectively and meet customer demand, but also damages the smooth functioning of the around the world supply chain and economy, resulting in generalized chaos all over the world.
Staff lacks, stock lacks, supply shortages– all by design. The plan is to develop such interruption, stress, suffering and panic that people more voluntarily accept The Great Reset in all its forms, whether that be mask mandates, vaccine requireds, vaccine certificates/passports, biometric IDs, carbon allowances, environment lockdowns, web lockdowns (cyber pandemic) and more.
The carrot/stick approach of blaming the unvaccinated is once again being utilized as US Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo stated that shortages will continue till everyone is vaxxed.
COVID Trend # 5: Vaccine Mandates Expand (Including Eliminating Tests).
Another apparent pattern is the growth of vaccine requireds. Canada chose to blaze a trail in tyranny by forcing a vax mandate on all federal employees, plus all tourists over the age of 12 on train, plane or ship. California put a vax required on all its state workers and all its prison workers (although that was temporarily postponed by a judge).
Part of this COVID pattern is the removal of the testing alternative– which was constantly prepared. They present a brand-new system, wait on the pushback, tell people “its not so bad, since if you do not want to get vaxxed, you can constantly get tested” then quietly get rid of the that choice. Its the same pattern of control where government programs are first voluntary then compulsory– the frog-in-the-boiling-pot strategy or as David Icke calls it the Totalitarian Tiptoe.
COVID Trend # 6: Tyranny Against the Unvaccinated Escalates.
The NWO manipulators are attempting to make the unvaccinated the brand-new untouchable caste. Just recently, a Canadian town prohibited unvaccinated couples from getting married while Colorado State University threatened to apprehend unvaccinated enrolled trainees if they set foot on school.
Australia takes the cake once again however. In the Northern Territory, a big state-like area in the north of Australia which contains the city Darwin, workers deal with $5,000 fines if they refuse the jab.
COVID Trend # 7: Are Planes Making Emergency Landings or Crashing, Due to Out-of-Control Vaxxed Pilots?
This COVID trend is more in the speculative realm and requires more investigation, but however we must ask the question: are vaxxed pilots developing impaired judgement from the COVID vax which is causing them to mishandle the aircraft midflight? Stew Peters reported that a vaxxed Delta pilot died in flight, which an emergency situation landing was needed. Take a look at this embedded video below likewise:.
COVID Trend # 8: Lawsuits Start to Mount.
Fortunately, there some people who have found their digestive tract fortitude and have started to press back. A group of federal workers has sued the Biden Admin; among other arguments the suit includes an appeal to spiritual exemptions and to natural resistance (vs. vaccine-acquired immunity). Lots of military groups are also filing suits against the United States Federal Government too (for example here). Although this is an excellent sign, it is reckless to put too much faith in the Judicial Branch to reign in the Executive Branch; after all, this is literally asking the government to rule in the federal government. Some judges are deeply configured with scamdemic propaganda, such as this judge who avoided a father from visiting his daughter unless he got vaxxed. Other judges keep in mind intrinsic rights, such as this judge who ruled that New York should permit spiritual exemptions in its healthcare worker vaccine required.
COVID Trend # 9: Texas Becomes Hotspot for Vax Mandate Battle.
Texas has actually ended up being a hotspot for the COVID vax mandate, and the wider freedom vs. tyranny, fight. Southwest Airlines is headquartered in Dallas and recently got a swathe of bad promotion due to its mendacity over the real reason for its cancelled flights (the pilot/worker walkout over the vax mandate). Although at first Southwest said it would require the vax on its workers, its CEO simply backed down and stated he will not fire employees who refuse to get vaxxed. Texas State Governor Abbott provided an executive order restricting vaccine mandates by any entity (with the hope of it becoming law) so the legal fight will hinge on whether the State or the Feds have jurisdiction (time to check out the 10th Amendment if you have not already done so). ZeroHedge reports that there is turmoil in Texas as workers who were fired for declining to get vaxxed need their jobs back.
COVID Trend # 10: Taiwan Media Reports COVID Vax Deaths Outnumber COVID Deaths.
Those paying attention to all the COVID vaccine adverse effects (embolism, Bells Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, convulsions, seizures, heavy and irregular sterility, infertility and menstruation, autoimmune disease, back cord swelling, brain inflammation, heart swelling, loss of muscle control, paralysis, stroke, cardiac arrest, long-term RNA/DNA genetic engineering, ending up being magnetic and death) know that for a long time the COVID vax has actually been causing more death than any deaths attributed to COVID itself. Simply take a look at the shockingly big boost of deaths due to unusual secret causes because the COVID vaccinations started. It was stilll surprising that this Taiwanese media outlet announced that deaths following vaccination exceeded the COVID death overall.
Final Thoughts.
The NWO agenda, amplied by means of the COVID plandemic, is being played out worldwide in a computed and methodical style. These COVID trends plus the others I have actually highlighted from previous months reveal the scamdemic patterns. It depends on everybody to remain aware and informed of this advancing program. It may be discouraging to see the rate at which the agenda is being cemented in location, keep in mind that the NWO is no match for a conscious, determined group of individuals standing in their power and refusing to comply with tyranny.
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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media/ independent news website The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior scientist at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Steemit and Odysee/LBRY.
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Part of this COVID pattern is the elimination of the screening alternative– which was constantly planned. This COVID pattern is more in the speculative realm and needs more examination, but however we must ask the concern: are vaxxed pilots establishing impaired judgement from the COVID vax which is triggering them to mishandle the plane midflight? Texas has actually become a hotspot for the COVID vax required, and the broader liberty vs. tyranny, fight. Those paying attention to all the COVID vaccine side results (blood embolisms, Bells Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, convulsions, seizures, heavy and irregular infertility, menstruation and sterility, autoimmune disease, back cable inflammation, brain inflammation, heart inflammation, loss of muscle control, paralysis, stroke, heart attack, long-term RNA/DNA hereditary adjustment, becoming magnetic and death) understand that for some time the COVID vax has been triggering more death than any deaths associated to COVID itself. These COVID patterns plus the others I have highlighted from previous months show the scamdemic patterns.

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